Wednesday, March 3


My face and the back of my neck are flaking and peeling like old paint on the side of some forgotten barn. For all the casual observer can tell, I might be suffering from some horrible and possibly contagious skin disease. Who knew you could get one of the worst sunburns of your life in late February? Smarter people than me, apparently, because I've been hearing "Why didn't you wear sunscreen?" a lot.

Maybe I should back up. The reason that I'm sunburned is that I spent the weekend playing ultimate frisbee. In another few months, I will have been playing ultimate for all of a year, which is more organized sport than I ever expected to find in my life. Of course, calling this an organized sport is misleading at best, which has a great deal to do with my attraction to it.


There is no special significance to this image. I've been playing with Photoshop, slapping some scans from a notebook together. What I had when it was full size wasn't bad. The end result kind of sucks. It's too small for the details to come out clearly, and there are visible artifacts. All this and the file is probably twice the size it ought to be. The image I added to Feb. 19's entry is not much better.


It would be easy enough to fix this, but I've probably burned enough time for one day. I think I've learned a few things, at least. I'm just about ready to start turning p1k3 into a hybrid webcomic/sketchbook. Not because I have any confidence in my ability to draw, mind, but more because I don't.

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