Thursday, July 29

well, technically

I'd like to note the semi-integration of Brent's Wala script into the p1k3 engine. This was easy to do because the Wala code is clean and well modularized; I added maybe three lines to my existing

What this means is that it's a little easier to leave a comment, and I'm going to roll anything decent in the current wiki over to the new system. Also, inspired by Electrolite, I'm using the Wala as a linkbar for interesting stuff I come across. Sort of a microblog to absorb the "ooh, shiny!" impulses that would otherwise clutter a lot of my entries. It's wide-open for editing, so you could deface my front page in all kinds of ways, but I'm not going to do anything about that 'til it actually happens. Feel free to add anything you think I should read, listen to, etc.

I'll probably be tweaking this for a while, and there will likely be some interruptions in service, but I swear this is the last time I'm going to talk about it here.

Is "modularized" even a word?

wherein i stop using doublequotes altogether

A Saturday or two ago, I drove to Peru, Nebraska to see Molly. She was watching little kids at an annual Bahá'í summer school at the state college there. It was the last night, and so there were small children on a stage singing. There was something very Vacation Bible School about the whole thing, and I said this to Molly, and she said, You're going to write about this, aren't you?

I said Probably, yeah.

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