Saturday, January 28

Today it finally becomes apparent that my 5 year old homebrew computer is direly in need of repair, as vibrations in the floor and some keypresses cause the power to die suddenly. Once I've extracted the power supply, I'm sorely tempted to crack it open and see if I can find a loose connection of some kind. The "no user serviceable parts inside" warning, however, gives me pause - I sort of understand this to be doublespeak for "there's a big fat capacitor in here, dumbass, and it is not our fault if you get zapped".

Does anyone know if I am misreading this?

Addendum: I just broke down and spent $15 on a new ATX power supply at, which is probably one of those false economies I will eventually regret. Of course, maybe it'll just be ridiculously loud. Which is kind of irrelevant in a system the size of a small refrigerator containing no fewer than 7 fans.

Anyway, I'm currently stuck with an ancient and rapidly decaying Compaq laptop. The screen occasionally loses power and has to be jiggled around, the keyboard is (like most laptops) total crap, the battery won't charge, and repeated efforts to install Debian always result in a system that becomes bizarrely unstable after a few days. Knoppix is a godsend in situations like this.

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