saturday, october 7

on pearl street the other day
i told a democratic party activist i don't
really vote; i was curious what he'd say
i thought his spiel was pretty decent
at least up to the point where he asked
me for money
he was passionate anyway
there is something to be said for
passion which knows its talking points
it makes for good salesmanship

not all that much later, a substantial
fraction of the democratic members of the
house and senate voted
for the military commissions act of 2006
putting a seal on the moral and
intellectual bankruptcy of their party,
and its status as an enabling foil for
the gang of murderers, thugs, and profiteers
who currently sit on the corporate
board of the united states of america.

take back our country, the earnest
20-somethings in the blue shirts with
the clipboards say — it sure
presumes a hell of a lot, doesn't it?
take what back, and from whom?

who is this we you keep
talking about?

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2006 / 10 / 7