thursday, february 17

50 pages into february,
i have taken many notes

most of them are about music

lucinda williams is brilliant,
as are/were (i wrote this down
after all) the velvet underground,
guster, incubus, green day,
todd snider, death cab for cutie,
dido, tool, the pogues, rage against
the machine, old crow medicine show,
and michelle lewis, while
merle haggard wrote or stole
more great songs than i ever knew,
and nina simone singing 'sinner man'
is the second greatest apocalyptic song
next to johnny cash's
"the man comes around"

also, i seem to think a lot
about the manipulation of list data,
especially in connection with
the severe lack of humane facilities
for automating
iterated tasks

on the 8th of february i saw two
men being arrested on the pearl
street mall, early in the morning
one was drunk or sick
they made sure to cuff his hands
behind his back

i am fairly confident i could
make a coherent & pragmatic
argument against almost any use
of violence for ends beyond
immediate self defense
although some days i think
blowing some shit up would
not be unjustified

i am now 25 years old,
and this sort of thing
is about all the farther
i ever get.

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2006 / 2 / 17