sunday, april 9

palm sunday

today we started
cleaning out the flower beds
picking up sticks in the yard
talking about what vegetables
would fit in all the pots and
makeshift frames full of
dirt scattered around the property
i don't know why we should
go to all this effort
we're only renting the place
after all
and that not for much longer
still the sun is shining
and maybe it just feels better
to do work that is not owed
to anyone in particular
the last time i had a garden
it was maybe 10 foot on a side
the dirt was full of concrete,
broken glass, cigarette butts
& odd bits of metal
it yielded a couple dozen tomatoes
a few ears of corn — this
was considerably better than
i had expected
my roommates at the time
were almost deliberate in
their failure to water the
plants when i wasn't around
and the following year they
pre-emptively bought cheap
concrete paving tiles and
turned the entire plot
into a patio.

p1k3 / 2006 / 4 / 9
tags: topics/poem