Saturday, April 4

hey nerds

I'm thinking about how to do revision control for just over a gigabyte of Eagle design files, Gerbers, and related documents.

Whatever I use needs to cope sanely (if not elaborately) with lots of binaries, provide enough hooks that I can make a byzantine in-house build-tracking + inventory system talk to it, and not interfere too badly with the habits of a bunch of engineers on Windows desktops. Major bonus points for being able to expose it to the public using standard tools. No points at all if it isn't free (libre) software.

I'm halfway tempted to see if Subversion can handle the whole mess. The cool kids are all moving on, but most of the people I'd need to train have at least seen svn in operation, it's known to work well on Windows, and there are nice, friendly desktop clients. Then again, given that most of what I'm storing isn't human-readable text, aren't there better tools than code-oriented version control systems?


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