Monday, April 11


Nagios really wants me to know that the 2nd paper tray on the Xerox in Marcus's office is empty.

So I decided just now to play with zsh, a way featureful shell I've been thinking about trying for about 10 years.

zsh has this one option to do a really simple thing. If you do setopt autocd in your .zshrc, it will act like so:

brennen@kropotkin 23:57:03 /home/brennen $ l
bin/               Downloads/             notes/                 tunes/
bones_may2010.pdf  Firefox_wallpaper.png  p1k3/                  xmonad.start
canon/             hiring/                photos/
code/              j64-701-user/          s3/
digikam4.db        movies/                thumbnails-digikam.db
brennen@kropotkin 23:57:04 /home/brennen $ code
brennen@kropotkin 23:57:06 /home/brennen/code $

Catch that? Type the name of a directory by itself and it just goes there.

Maybe this will turn out not to be the best idea ever, but on the face of it, well, I have definitely spent enough time in my life typing "cd".

It looks like the night crew shipping guys refilled the paper tray.

tags: topics/shell, topics/technical, topics/zsh

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