Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On making a web page remind me of a quality I never fully appreciated in HyperCard.

So I generally am totally ok with scrolling on web pages. I think in fact it’s a major advantage of the form.

Then again, I just got to indulging a few minutes of thinking about HyperCard, and I think that this time rather than read the same old articles about its ultimate doom over and over again, maybe I should do something by way of recreating part of it that was different from the web in general.

The web has plenty of stupid carousels and stuff, but despite their example I’m curious whether HyperCard’s stack model could still hold up as an idea. I was never sure whether it was the important thing or not. It was so obviously and almost clumsily a metaphor. (A skeuomorphism which I have never actually seen anyone bag on when they are playing that game, perhaps because Designer Ideologues know there’s not much percentage in talking shit about HyperCard.)

Here is some JavaScript to start:

$('article').each(function (i, a) {

I’ll spare you the usual slow-composition narrative of where I go from here, and jump straight to my eventual first-pass solution.

(Ok, actually I just repurposed a terrible thing I did for some slides a while back, after recreating about 75% without remembering that I had already written the same code within the last couple of months. It’s amazing how often that happens, or I guess it would be amazing if my short term memory weren’t so thoroughly scrambled from all the evil living I do.)

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