Thursday, April 16

variations on a theme

it is the springtime of the year
my head's been pounding all god damn day
like i drank a bunch of everclear and ran
from the cops, or some equally stupid shit
like it was 2003 all over again
but all we really did was stay up late
and watch star trek

halfway through the day i gave up and crawled
through the spinning room and my fuzzed-out
vision into bed

and woke up long after dark
fumbled my way to look out the front door
my landlord was out on his step
in the glare of the porchlights
so i walked out and now we stand smoking
in jackets too thin for the weather
while the rain turns into snow
and the snow turns back into rain

tags: topics/poem, topics/star-trek

p1k3 / 2015 / 4 / 16