Monday, April 20

getting recent posts from pinboard machine-readably

I’ve been experimenting again with using Pinboard to track links of interest, and thought that maybe it’d be a good idea to use these to add a linkblog back to p1k3.

First I thought ok, there’s probably an API, which, sure enough, is true. Here’s a one-liner that will grab JSON of recent posts by a user:

curl "https://brennen:[brennen's password goes here]"

…but then I thought ok, this is dumb. I know there’s RSS, so why not just use a standard format that could pull from other sources as well?


Further thoughts: Instead of doing this dynamically on the server, I could just periodically pull data into the p1k3 archives and render it using some service. I’m getting ever-more leery of running any dynamic code where I don’t have to, and even considering rewriting all of the p1k3 stuff to generate static files instead of building pages on the fly, so maybe this would be a good experiment.

p1k3 / 2015 / 4 / 20
tags: topics/pinboard, topics/technical