Monday, September 7

It’s a little over a week before we drive to Kansas. I’ve talked to Minnesota Dave, and David M., and made sure Shawn is going to be there. h is likely coming, with some complications about a wedding in Minnesota. Toni is making solar power supplies for twinkly string lights. CarolAnn and Ben got a sun shelter.

Today I bought a 2-burner Coleman gas stove, one of the ones that take the little green canisters. I have this Dutch oven I got for Christmas, and between the two things I think we can cook pretty good for a week.

I was thinking about a new tent, but I’m going to bet this one will hold out the rest of the season.

It’s late as I write this. Approaching midnight. The weather has, these last few days, been cooler and less searingly bright. We begin to talk about the end of the summer in hopeful voices. As ever, we are ready for the change. The sky was so blue today, the clouds extremely white.

I went to Los Angeles earlier this year. It was beautiful there. I thought that it would probably drive me crazy, eventually, it being the same kind of beautiful for so many days in a row.

In LA, I couldn’t stop thinking about Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury and whatshisname with the textbook evil science fiction self-help cult.

A couple of weeks ago, killing time on the internet, I noticed that the second volume of that Heinlein biography had been published. I ordered a paper copy. I’m a little ways in: The writer and his second wife are living in Colorado Springs. He’s well known in the field, both as an innovator in his own right and as a successful popularizer of genre tropes and mores.

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