Wednesday, January 27

Recent paid work:

Some notes:

The Fail2ban one is derivative of Justin Ellingwood’s How To Protect SSH with Fail2Ban on Ubuntu 14.04.

I would pretty strongly discourage anyone not super comfortable with the gritty details from upgrading any production servers to PHP 7 as of just yet, though it looks like a really valuable release.

I read stuff by a ton of people while writing the CoreOS one. I think that, at least at the exact moment of publication, it may actually have been the most complete and tested guide to the subject reachable from Google. That’s not because it’s great. It’s just that it would be difficult to overstate how much work the CoreOS documentation and error reporting needs around the security stuff. I’d like to say I might do some of that work, but realistically I’m not a domain expert and it is way down my list.

While I’m at it, a list of tutorials I’ve done for Adafruit:

And code I touched:

None of this is exactly a work for the ages, and some of it was current for about five minutes total after publication. Still, I’m not entirely unhappy with the little penguin comix.

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