Wednesday, January 27

profiling perl

I wanted to profile a Perl script and get some idea if there were any absurd hotspots I could cut out. I googled “perl profiler” and hit on mention of Devel::NYTProf, which I vaguely remember but I’m not sure I’ve ever used.

Out of laziness, I installed by way of apt instead of a CPAN client (I have no idea which CPAN client you’re supposed to be using these days).

$ sudo apt install libdevel-nytprof-perl

It was a little harder to find a straightforward NOW DO THIS TO RUN IT than I wanted (I’d say I was about three glasses of wine in at this point), but after the install I eventually landed on the following:

$ cd ~/code/projectroot
$ perl -d:NYTProf ./
$ nytprofhtml

After that, you can open ~/code/projectroot/nytprof/ in a browser. As an example, my results for a recent test run (rendering this site, specifically) are here. It’s not the least-inscrutable thing ever written, but it didn’t take too long to figure out how to see the interesting stuff. The HTML output is good enough that I didn’t feel any need to fire up KCachegrind or anything, and I dig how it breaks down execution times line-by-line.

Unsurprisingly, this is a Tim Bunce joint. That dude is a monster of practical utility.

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