Monday, May 6, 2019

reading: the raven tower

(Structural spoilers may follow.)


Leckie’s earlier novels have fallen roughly in the space opera / military SF zone. This one is fantasy, with recognizable genre apparatus (swords, horses, fortresses, hereditary nobility, etc.), but in terms of plot mechanics and tone it’s not a radical departure. It’s concerned with a world where gods are real and intervene routinely in human life, but once you grant the basic premise it unfolds a system of rules and consequences in a way that rings far more science fictional than mystical or theological in the usual sense.

I read the whole thing in a sitting last night, having wrecked my ability to fall asleep by combining too much of microbrew, espresso, and cheap cigars into a low-level panic attack, so I was grateful for the distraction.

The ending felt a little rushed, but on the whole I think the author may have gotten better at pacing since her first big trilogy. I would happily spend more time with these characters. Recommended.

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