I write code. Some of it is public.

I'm brennen on GitHub, where you can find some dotfiles and one-offs, along with longer-term projects, including a mirror of p1k3's text & images.



My good friend Levente is a professional stats geek. He uses a package called Mplus to do some kind of numerical voodoo.

Sometimes, Mplus produces output in a human-readable text format. It's pretty, as these things go, but sucks to manipulate unless you really enjoy copy & paste exercises. Here is some Perl to pull out sets of values using regular expressions and dump them to a very simple CSV file.

If this sounds useful, the attached tarball includes some sample configurations.

more: filter_mplus.tar.gz readme.txt


QBasic Rockwars

A take on the classic artillery game. It features two little castles, an inexorably advancing tank (with a laser!) and a tiny orbiting moon.

Here's the source. You'd need a working qbasic.exe to run this, although FreeBASIC might do the trick with a little work.

more: rockwars.zip


QBasic Trader

A loose reinterpretation of Taipan, the quintessential buy-low-sell-high-fight-pirates game. Started for a comp.lang.basic.misc retro game competition, because Mike Kessinger told me that Taipan was the best game of all time. He wasn't far off - if you find a ROM and an Apple II emulator, the original is still addictive as hell. This is playable, if not exactly fun. I still like the little ship and cannon graphics, and may someday revisit this project.

You can look at the source, or download a zip file of everything. You'd probably need a working qbasic.exe to play this.

more: trader.zip