HyperCard On The Archive (Celebrating 30 Years of HyperCard) | Internet Archive Blogs

⚓ T12961 Assess Impact of CVE-2017-1000117 et al (`ssh://-...` executing code)


Interoperability between IPv6 and IPv4 — "A common estimate of the length of time involved is 10 years - in terms of the history of the Internet, a very long time indeed, but probably a realistic figure in terms of the amount of installed IPv4 software and infrastructure, all of which will need to be replaced or upgraded."

The Early History of the "more" Command


unifying OS installation and configuration management

Huffy: Owner’s Manual for Multi-Speed Comfort Bicycles — This is a genuine piece of shit bike.

Nate Cull - YouTube — 'I collect and curate 1980s synthpunk. My particular thing is "concept playlists": a playlist that wants to be a concept album.'

Why Github can't host the Linux Kernel Community

Blood Oath (episode) | Memory Alpha — The Klingons in this episode are recurring characters from different episodes of TOS, all played by the original actors.

The Lost Cause Rides Again

Adafruit CircuitPython API Reference — Adafruit CircuitPython 0.0.0 documentation