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Strange Horizons - Freshly Remember'd: Kirk Drift By Erin Horáková

Strange Horizons - Nimoy and Spock: Reflections and Farewells By Erin Horáková, Fabio Fernandes, Iona Sharma, Keguro Macharia, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Octavia Cade, Tim Phipps — This is a really touching read.

Jacques Pépin Makes an Excellent Case for Drinking More Wine Than Water | GQ

Tuesday, April 11 - #IstandwithCEU


Buying a $500 House in Detroit: bidding on the soul of my city | US news | The Guardian

Electron is flash for the desktop

Terra Wind — "Luxurious Amphibious Motorcoach that is as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land."

Hugo :: A fast and modern static website engine — "We are a federation of microbloggers who care about social justice and solidarity and want to quit the centralised capitalist services."

Parkageddon: How not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl | The Economist

disentangling race from intelligence and genetics