W O R D S - The Artist, Afterward — «The solution is not a scam. The solution is a transformation of the basis of production, of social relation, of the very way of things. Let the scale of it terrify you. Don't dance around how little has to change, because everything has to change. What afterward resembles before will seem uncanny, even out of place; alien and alone in a landscape of compassion and solidarity. Confront your discomfort and accept the totality of this moment, this decisive instant in the collective now. Sail across the ocean of your trepidation and seize the resolve your dreams demand.»

What We Can Learn From Software History by Hillel Wayne – Deconstruct

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Tilde expansion in Rust

B 2020 004 Geographic Naming Advisory Council_FINAL.pdf - Google Drive — <blockquote>The Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board (Board) will assist and cooperate with the United States Board on Geographic Names (USBGN) by evaluating all proposals concerning name changes, new names, and name controversies of geographic features and certain public places in the State of Colorado (State) and then making official recommendations to the Governor. The USBGN has final approval authority for place naming for federal maps and products.</blockquote>

Petition · Change the name of Mt. Evans in Colorado · Change.org

HistoryOfSteh-chassPeople.pdf — <blockquote>Michael T. Simmons built a grist mill on the site and later a saw mill. In 1851 Clanrick and Phoebe Crosby arrived in Tumwater and bought the land from Michael T. Simmons. Crosby filed a land claim under the Land Donation Act of 1850 for 640 acres, virtually all of the land on both sides of Tumwater Falls and including the Steh-chass village site.29 In1860 a house was built for Nathaniel Crosby III (grandfather of Bing Crosby, now the Crosby Museum House). Crosby’s claim to the land under the Land Donation Act of 1850 depended on extinguishing Indian title and removing the Indians. By 1854 there were only twenty Indians counted in Tumwater.30 By fall of 1855, Michael T. Simmons had rounded up any remaining Indians and put them in the internment camps on Squaxin and Fox Islands. If any did drift back to their original village site after the internment camps, a drastic change was in order as of December 21, 1869. The minutes of the Tumwater Town Council show that on a motion of Mr. Crosby, the Council ordered that the Indians be required to get out of the town limits by the first of May, 1870.</blockquote>

How Hard Can it Be? — A useful companion piece to "remembering is forgetting".

Interview with Bill Joy

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Minimum chill requirement for apple trees

[TUHS] RIP Jörg Schilling

World food prices hit 10-year peak -FAO | Reuters

The American Bumblebee Has Vanished From Eight States | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine — <blockquote>The species has completely vanished from eight states, including Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Oregon, Ben Turner reports for Live Science. The bumblebee species have declined by 99 percent in New York. In the Midwest and Southeast, population numbers have dropped by more than 50 percent.</blockquote>

Free speech, vs itself

All This Could Happen Again

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