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2016/10/22 recently
2014/9/28 Tonight I gave some guy with a mountain bike a ride down 36. What do you do, he asked. Software, I said, what about you? I’m an energy medicine practitioner, he said, everything from professional runners to stage IV cancer. We’ve got stuff that actually works, he said, can you believe it, unlike our friends in the medical world, poisoning people for $250 an hour.
2010/12/5 recent notes
2010/9/25 We come down from car-camping outside of Ned. I buy a new bicycle tire and wrestle it into submission. The sun goes down. It gets cold outside. I sit in the basement, eating pretzels and drinking Rebel Yell while the washing machine spins. I cannot write anything:
2010/6/24 So here is
2009/7/2 I bought a tire pump the other day. It came with a little bracket and strap combination, intended to screw or ziptie to a bike frame and provide a place to mount the pump. All well and good, but I think I'm noticing a trend here. Like the other mounting widgets gathering dust in my tool closet, this one is general purpose in attaching to a frame and quite specific in terms of the mass-market bike accessory it'll accommodate.
2009/5/3 transcription of an imaginary adventure game
2009/3/22 I am fiddling with my bike. The front derailer
2009/3/9 I'm not sure quite what it is, but there is something about Helen DeWitt's writing about the more-or-less mundane details of her daily life, as in
2009/1/23 another loosely connected series of observations
2009/1/3 The morning of New Year's, I went over to Casey's place on the Hill so he could tune my new (used) bicycle a little.
2008/5/31 i have this vision
2000/9/4 Wow, my hands are sore. Waaay too much Quake last night. Especially since I couldn't figure out how to get my mouse working with svgalib...