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2016/10/14 It’s the middle of the night, and I should be sleeping. Because I had a run in with a plate of Oskar Blues chicken enchiladas and one to four pilsners (who’s counting, really?), I am not.
2015/2/1 why aren't relational databases everywhere, like filesystems?
2013/11/24 "Dwarven society is more egalitarian than… human feudal societies were".
2007/2/18 New today: Some Perl to use CGI::FormBuilder and a small stack of other modules for a FastCGI survey form with file uploads. There's partial support for data storage/retrieval in MySQL or as XML, though at the moment the only option that works out of the box is flatfiles with output from Data::Dumper.
2004/8/31 Well, our domains are back. Unfortunately, everything is really broken in several ways that I don't yet know how to fix. (At least three Apache configuration issues and MySQL access is all jacked up.)