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2018/1/1 reading in 2017
2017/2/28 reading
2013/4/25 Reading:
2010/11/22 8190 words since October 26.
2008/11/18 So I was just thinking about this in the shower, and it came to me that the
2004/1/2 Eric called and left a message, said the server was acting strange. When I logged in, a few hundred instances of the script that glues this site together were churning through infinite loops, whirring along in perplexed expectation of an entry I had failed to create for 2004.
2003/8/12 ggk
2002/4/21 Back to Rexroth. The Bureau of Public Secrets's (that apostrophe does seem really off)
2002/2/1 critic
2001/10/10 I had to go to the library last night for an assignment (writing a response to an article on the effects of poverty and high infant mortality on mother love in a Brazilian shantytown), and felt like reading something to stave off a growing sense that the world is shit and people universally suck.
2000/10/29 Ok, so it's a
2000/10/7 Well, I said it might be a while.
2000/9/13 Just finished reading
2000/6/25 Must. Have. Sleep.
2000/3/28 I've been doing a terrible job updating this lately. To no one's surprise.
2000/1/25 Where to start?
1999/8/30 I got home on the morning of the 17th, around 7:00, after an 11 hour bus ride. I think it's safe to say that I won't Go Greyhound again any time in the near future.
1999/6/15 I got home Sunday evening. Spent the week in Breckenridge, Colorado - my dad had one of those meetings that serve as an excuse for everyone to bring their families and do expensive stuff on the company tab. Meant to update before I left, but Hardlink's servers were down (or unreachable, at any rate).
1999/1/18 I won a copy of