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2018/1/1 reading in 2017
2016/4/24 Purchased at the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Book Sale, for $5 in total:
2015/9/3 two exercises:
2015/2/1 why aren't relational databases everywhere, like filesystems?
2014/8/4 reading - meta-reading
2011/3/12 If you have ever wondered even in passing about the utility of fire drills and fire-safety inspections and building codes and the like, you should read
2010/11/6 We found a couple more abandoned mines today.
2010/2/3 me and sun microsystems
2007/10/14 The other month, I happened to subscribe to Danny Yee's
2007/5/27 I keep walking back and forth to the kitchen, looking for a substance to consume which will quiet my appetites sufficiently that I can sit still and write. So far I’ve gone through a fair amount of yogurt, several pieces of bread with olive oil, a cup of coffee, and half a bottle of Grolsch. There’s no whiskey or tobacco in the house, so I suppose this will have to do. If I can get on a roll before the beer is gone, it may be enough.
2007/3/17 literacy - a short list of things badly or not at all understood by yours truly - other notes collected from paper
2006/10/6 includes the first legit English text of
2006/5/31 Wikipedia has a St. Louis
2005/6/26 notes in the direction of a larger work
2004/9/13 The other night while we were waiting in a small-town bar for Shawn Cole to start playing, John loaned me a paperback copy of
1998/12/30 Well, I'm back.