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2019/6/19 Some weeks ago, I read a New York Times review of Jared Diamond’s latest:
2018/1/1 reading in 2017
2016/4/24 Purchased at the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Book Sale, for $5 in total:
2015/9/3 two exercises:
2015/2/1 why aren't relational databases everywhere, like filesystems?
2014/8/4 reading - meta-reading
2013/5/11 Something about the opening line of this:
2011/3/12 If you have ever wondered even in passing about the utility of fire drills and fire-safety inspections and building codes and the like, you should read this piece on the Collinwood School Fire by Jim Macdonald. It is pretty goddamned wrenching stuff, as the really useful history so often is.
2010/2/3 me and sun microsystems
2007/10/14 The other month, I happened to subscribe to Danny Yee's book review mailing list. I mostly ignore the dozen or so lists I'm still on, and I'm not sure why I felt this would be any different, but I've found myself paying attention every time a review shows up.
2007/5/27 I keep walking back and forth to the kitchen, looking for a substance to consume which will quiet my appetites sufficiently that I can sit still and write. So far I’ve gone through a fair amount of yogurt, several pieces of bread with olive oil, a cup of coffee, and half a bottle of Grolsch. There’s no whiskey or tobacco in the house, so I suppose this will have to do. If I can get on a roll before the beer is gone, it may be enough.
2007/3/17 literacy - a short list of things badly or not at all understood by yours truly - other notes collected from paper
2006/10/6 New in October from the UNP includes the first legit English text of The Meteor Hunt, by Jules Verne. I remember Gary (my then boss & general press overlord) handing me this on a floppy to send out for review. It's been just long enough since I was there that the things I handled as big stacks of manuscript are starting to appear, as if by magic, in the form of real books.
2005/6/26 notes in the direction of a larger work
2004/9/13 The consilience of inductions takes place when one class of facts coincides with an induction obtained from another different class.
2004/1/2 Eric called and left a message, said the server was acting strange. When I logged in, a few hundred instances of the script that glues this site together were churning through infinite loops, whirring along in perplexed expectation of an entry I had failed to create for 2004.
1998/12/30 Wednesday, December 30, 11:41 CST / Well, I'm back.