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2017/4/11 #IstandwithCEU
2012/2/6 Terminal 5, Heathrow. A Science-Fiction-right-now scene - all glass and girders, bright lights, giant screens playing ads for BMW and the Olympics and Gray Goose Vodka. (The bottle opens, clear liquid splashes onto ice in a tumbler, some guy does a high dive, the car rounds a corner sportily, the gymnasts celebrate, your correspondent's mind numbs.)
2004/6/25 green and grey - some thoughts from today i want to assimilate or resolve
2004/6/24 I tried to catch everything, but the Hungarian text at the bottom of the screen kept snagging my attention and dragging it away from the English dialog. Sort of the inverse of the logophilic tendencies that usually make it so easy for me to watch subtitled films.
2004/6/22 Still alive. In Budapest. Being terrible at correspondence. Food good, public transport interesting, buildings old, language confusing.