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2017/7/19 My Uncle retired from decades as the pastor of two Lutheran congregations in Kansas this past weekend, so I rented a car in Boulder and drove across a swath of the High Plains to hear him preach a final service and attend a retirement party, followed by loading boxes onto a U-Haul.
2016/10/17 (nobody wants another meditation on mortality / some days it's just hard to write any other thing
2016/6/1 in my life it seems like / there's a measure of imbalance / in the warp and weft of things
2016/5/2 there's a picture on the wall of kurt cobain / playing in this bar in like 1990 / a good deal has happened since then / this bar doesn't even look like it did in 2004 / or whenever it was i last lived in this town
2016/4/24 Purchased at the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Book Sale, for $5 in total:
2015/9/7 It’s a little over a week before we drive to Kansas. I’ve talked to Minnesota Dave, and David M., and made sure Shawn is going to be there. h is likely coming, with some complications about a wedding in Minnesota. Toni is making solar power supplies for twinkly string lights. CarolAnn and Ben got a sun shelter.
2012/1/10 — it's a strange winter in the middle places / bare ground in nebraska, the land is full / of the golden color of an october-november not yet / wrung out by ice and snow
2010/10/22 you know i was our economies in trouble
2009/4/5 it's still the early years of a century / the kind of time our survivors and theirs / might understand hazily / as an age undone in the succession of catastrophe
2009/3/15 i wake up at noon or maybe one / go down for coffee / sun out, blue sky haze / brown grass by the railroad track / check the mail on the way back / it's empty again
2008/9/26 yeah yeah yeah - points a & b
2008/2/9 the cellular telephone is a powerful innovation / you can sit by one while it doesn't ring / just about anywhere you feel like / from here i can see all the way to the / front of this half-empty display case / for boilerplate boulder eccentricity
2007/9/12 drosophila melanogaster or a close cousin circles in the dead air of the kitchen. I have a squash in the oven. There was supposed to be hamburger casserole and stir-fried frozen vegetables (“California Style, with Broccoli, Corn, Black Beans, & Peppers”), but Elizabeth brought home slices of pizza instead, saying that she couldn’t do hamburger again. Now I don’t know what will become of the squash.
2007/4/18 It’s been rainy here in Boulder County, and the landscape is as green as it seems likely to get this year. I should have learned by now, though, not to make predictions based on so little experience of a place. After 26 years Nebraska and Kansas still surprise me. 78-year-old men sit in gas stations over bad coffee talking about the weather and shaking their heads. Certainly this is a piece of deep routine, but partially it is because the weather still surprises them too.
2005/6/26 notes in the direction of a larger work
2004/11/21 resistance & futility - glass beads?
2004/9/20 winfield, pt. 1
2004/5/26 John M. Ford is a genius.
2004/4/4 dominica in palmis
2003/9/25 lately i have been saying / 'i only hope i can remember this' / a lot
2002/12/31 the last day of the year is fading fast / on this particular drafty farmhouse / and all its jumbled contents
2000/10/18 Wednesday, October 18, 13:35 CDT / Done with classes for the week. Gotta love fall break.