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2018/12/3 platform detection with linux on single-board computers
2017/1/7 initial notes on the dell xps 13 developer edition (9360)
2016/11/2 some things i have been using lately
2016/10/25 I’ve been getting back into the exciting world of desktop Linux
2016/7/11 extracting all (?) of the filenames from packages available in debian
2016/4/26 It’s some time well after midnight. There’s a storm rolling in over the mountains and up from the south. On the radar, the colored splotches are over Boulder now and not quite here. There’s that heavy feeling to the air and the smell of flowers. The thunder is almost continuous, and you can hear rain on the trees though it’s not exactly
2015/10/24 userlands, 1 of ?
2015/2/8 systemd & fsck
2015/1/28 on replicating process - what makes programming hard? - debian packaging again - vagrant
2015/1/27 what version of what linux distribution is this? - armhf
2015/1/12 Debian packaging - MS-DOS / AGT
2014/3/23 Erik Winn was tall and skinny and had skin like tanned leather. He wore glasses and shaggy sweaters and tall leather boots. His teeth were terrible, until he had them all out and got dentures. He smoked constantly – hand-rolled cigarettes from a big can of American Spirit tobacco. He rolled more expertly and effortlessly than anyone else I have ever met. He drank coffee, slowly, all day long. He seemed to live on peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, now and then a baked good from Trident, where he was very nearly part of the physical structure of the place when he was living in Boulder. He was, whatever else my description might suggest, a handsome man, and I know there were women in his life before I knew him, though by the time we worked together he was almost monk-like in his ascetism and claimed variously to have given up on love, on art, on a lot of what my Christian heritage is always calling the things of the world. He played classical guitar, skillfully, and sang, though I always had a hard time getting him to start.
2013/8/1 My ThinkPad has quit booting. Wanting a text editor, I wrack my brain and ransack half the apartment looking for a working machine. One Eee PC has given up the ghost, and the other is nowhere to be found. I have a whole stack of old laptops somewhere, but I’m pretty sure none of them will actually power on. All my desktop hardware has been stashed at the office for years now.
2011/7/22 So I got into a bit of a disagreement with my
2009/9/22 So a while ago we hired a guy at SparkFun to start doing random desktop support. Help-my-printer-won't-print kinds of things. And then we hired another guy who is way, way smarter about network stuff than me.
2008/12/16 Debian, I
2006/10/3 resume class
2006/1/28 Today it finally becomes apparent that my 5 year old homebrew computer is direly in need of repair, as vibrations in the floor and some keypresses cause the power to die suddenly. Once I've extracted the power supply, I'm sorely tempted to crack it open and see if I can find a loose connection of some kind. The "no user serviceable parts inside" warning, however, gives me pause - I sort of understand this to be doublespeak for "there's a big fat capacitor in here, dumbass, and it is not our fault if you get zapped".
2004/9/29 I'd like to take a moment to cast some opprobrium in the direction of
2001/6/3 I just grabbed
2001/4/26 Having downloaded the recent
2001/1/15 WOOHOO!
2000/9/27 Watched
2000/9/26 Well,
2000/8/29 Well, I was going to get something done, but instead I wound up watching
2000/7/13 Well, I'm running
2000/6/29 I'm nearly finished downloading 120 megs or so of
2000/5/17 Ahhh, a shiny new Linux installation.
1998/11/18 Well, I'm back. I know you're all thrilled.