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2015/11/20 The internet on this airplane isn’t working. I’m much more irritated by this fact than can possibly be reasonable.
2015/10/20 Reading:
2015/6/21 Trisha Low,
2015/6/8 reading metafilter in the sun on my front porch
2013/11/24 .
2013/2/17 There's some software I would like to have. It's not, on the face of things, very complicated. It's mostly a set of shortcuts for aggregating and annotating stuff published by other people. By way of illustration, here's a sample set from today of the kind of links and fragments I would like to archive and republish, in a low-key way.
2012/11/25 A book so good that I missed at least four bus stops while reading it:
2012/11/10 So you learn things about how to more or less preserve your sanity on the web. One of those things, if you're anything like me, is
2011/3/26 .
2010/11/22 8190 words since October 26.
2010/10/26 So there's this thing called
2008/12/10 i used to drive a buick every day - burnout