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2015/11/20 The internet on this airplane isn’t working. I’m much more irritated by this fact than can possibly be reasonable.
2015/10/20 Reading: Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword, by Ann Leckie. Almost done with the second, and one more book to go in the series, I think.
2015/6/21 Trisha Low, On Being-Hated: Conceptualism, the Mongrel Coalition, the House That Built Me:
2015/6/8 reading metafilter in the sun on my front porch
2013/11/24 "Dwarven society is more egalitarian than… human feudal societies were".
2013/2/17 There's some software I would like to have. It's not, on the face of things, very complicated. It's mostly a set of shortcuts for aggregating and annotating stuff published by other people. By way of illustration, here's a sample set from today of the kind of links and fragments I would like to archive and republish, in a low-key way.
2012/11/25 A book so good that I missed at least four bus stops while reading it: The Boys of My Youth, by Jo Ann Beard.
2012/11/10 So you learn things about how to more or less preserve your sanity on the web. One of those things, if you're anything like me, is don't read the comments. At first, because comments are so ubiquitous on the web and make up so much of its apparent fabric, you just start mentally blacklisting a few comment sections — YouTube, Facebook, Hack a Day — then those for entire categories of site — political blogs, technical blogs, local newspapers, national newspapers, almost any post by anyone focused on race, gender, religion, music, art, or technology.
2010/11/22 8190 words since October 26.
2010/10/26 So there's this thing called National Novel Writing Month. The idea is that in November, you pound out a hundred fifty thousand words of novel. There are little counters on a web site, and associated writers' meetups. It's a big topic in places where people gather on the Internet to make comments about writing instead of actually doing any writing that isn't about writing. Friends have been suggesting for something like a decade now that I ought to participate, and so once or twice I have gotten about as far as roughing out a really awful first chapter. I'm not opposed to the exercise, but there are some important problems with the idea of me writing a novel. They could probably be outlined as follows:
2008/12/10 i used to drive a buick every day - burnout