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2018/12/26 notes from lincoln nebraska in the rain on december the 26th
2018/1/1 reading in 2017
2016/5/2 there's a picture on the wall of kurt cobain / playing in this bar in like 1990 / a good deal has happened since then / this bar doesn't even look like it did in 2004 / or whenever it was i last lived in this town
2016/4/27 amtrak
2016/4/24 Purchased at the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Book Sale, for $5 in total:
2015/8/1 For weeks now, between Nebraska and Colorado, I have been operating at a heat-induced cognitive deficit. I am never not sweating.
2014/12/1 I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things, as I drive around rural Kansas and Nebraska between family gatherings and places I’ve called home at one time or another: Cities, towns, churches, buildings, operating systems, software in general, trails & roads, fields & farming.
2014/8/11 Nebraska is uncannily, improbably green this August. The wettest summer on record, says my dad. It’s overcast and cool when I’d usually expect dead grass and a hundred degrees. The cicadas have started in and the lightning bugs are still going strong.
2007/5/27 I keep walking back and forth to the kitchen, looking for a substance to consume which will quiet my appetites sufficiently that I can sit still and write. So far I’ve gone through a fair amount of yogurt, several pieces of bread with olive oil, a cup of coffee, and half a bottle of Grolsch. There’s no whiskey or tobacco in the house, so I suppose this will have to do. If I can get on a roll before the beer is gone, it may be enough.
2007/4/18 It’s been rainy here in Boulder County, and the landscape is as green as it seems likely to get this year. I should have learned by now, though, not to make predictions based on so little experience of a place. After 26 years Nebraska and Kansas still surprise me. 78-year-old men sit in gas stations over bad coffee talking about the weather and shaking their heads. Certainly this is a piece of deep routine, but partially it is because the weather still surprises them too.
2006/10/8 So it looks like I'll be hanging out in Lincoln this coming weekend. Some academic types I used to chill with are in town for a conference. Something about retrofitting political science to tell better just-so stories, I think.
2006/10/6 New in October from the UNP includes the first legit English text of The Meteor Hunt, by Jules Verne. I remember Gary (my then boss & general press overlord) handing me this on a floppy to send out for review. It's been just long enough since I was there that the things I handled as big stacks of manuscript are starting to appear, as if by magic, in the form of real books.
2006/8/31 37+ thoughts for the coming month / including actors, objects, / hopes, fears, and thematic elements
2006/7/16 talking july nebraska blues
2006/7/10 amplitude modulation
2006/5/30 All the way across Nebraska, the wind blows out of the south and plays hell with my gas mileage. Along I-80, big trucks and bikers lean visibly to the left. Past Central City, so much dust is blowing across the road that I turn on the lights.
2006/3/2 steal this electronic abstraction of a text - ramificate
2002/12/31 the last day of the year is fading fast / on this particular drafty farmhouse / and all its jumbled contents