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2017/2/28 reading
2016/3/26 Out along the foothills, everything blanketed in snow and the particular dingy grey of snowclouds still churning slowly over the mountains. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were still coming down up above Jamestown.
2015/11/6 It snowed today in Longmont, for a minute, with the sky halfway clear along the edges. Later you could see fat drops on car windows and plastic chairs where it had melted in place.
2015/10/18 New York always feels something like a foreign country. Not like one so foreign that its modes and routines are completely illegible, but one far enough from usual life that I’m often unsure what the rhythm is, the protocol, the whatness-of-what. I speak the language (one of them, part of it) but I don’t exactly speak the place.
2015/8/22 It’s a Saturday at the deep end of the summer. The Yankees are beating Cleveland 5-1. I wouldn’t usually know that, but today, sitting on a couch in the Bronx, I do.
2014/7/21 some hope x notes (post-travel)