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2014/8/23 a notes.txt / TODO file format
2013/11/7 I’ve owned a bunch of notebooks over the last decade or better. I’m rarely without an active one, and I start to get worried when I know there’re fewer blank pages left than I could fill in one sitting. Early on in the course of this addiction, I tended to treat individual notebooks like singular, precious objects: I was so careful about what I wrote in them that I rarely wrote anything. I had few regular habits, and seldom wrote the same sort of thing twice. What I did write was usually cryptic, compressed, and terribly overwrought.
2013/9/7 I’ve been reading Grudin’s Time and the Art of Living for a couple of days now. I came to it by way of a quote in the documentation for the GNU date utility, in the section on date formats. I’ve loved that bit for years, but for some reason it struck me that I ought to read the original.
2009/4/29 you turn the lock of the password, / the keys rattling in your brain and / fingers moving awkwardly over the buttons / half drunk and half confounded by the / chiclet feel of a commodity laptop
2006/11/12 (Posted later, incomplete thought.)
2006/4/19 Today, I spent slightly less than 3 dollars on a little plastic box and some 3x5 index cards. I then tacked a length of string to a shelf on the wall opposite the computer desk, and found a jar of miniature wooden clothespins. (I had to ask Elizabeth. They were in a plastic tub with multicolored squares of felt, dyed wooden beads, pipecleaners, and wooden cutout horses.)
2004/9/20 winfield, pt. 1
2004/2/19 Armand over at Moleskinerie asked if he could re-post yesterday's notebook ramblings. A sure sign, I suppose, that at least one person read them.
2004/2/18 material culture: dead trees, part 1