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2017/6/21 extracting your photos from flickr
2016/3/5 yo dawg
2016/1/28 profiling perl
2015/4/9 CGI::Fast and multi_param()
2013/8/4 Yesterday I spent an hour sitting on the floor sorting painstakingly through my change jar. (Big score: Two wheathead pennies, one from 1954 and one from 1929, minted in Denver. Lesser finds include four Sacagawea dollars, some Hungarian forints, and a 20p piece from 2004.) I also oiled the hinges on my front door, played pinball for 45 minutes, read about programming languages, drank most of a bottle of red wine, and laid on my floor staring at the ceiling past a rack of drying towels and boxer briefs for a minor ocean of time.
2013/3/23 In honor of today’s weather,
2007/10/3 perl's each() and subtle retention of unwanted state