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2019/5/7 App::WRT v6.0.0.
2019/4/14 App::WRT v5.0.0
2018/5/28 XML::Atom::SimpleFeed and utf-8 text
2018/4/9 App::WRT v4.3.0: schwartzian transforms, long-term projects
2018/2/10 App::WRT v4.2.2
2017/11/18 App::WRT - WRiting Tool, a static site generator and related utilities
2017/6/21 extracting your photos from flickr
2016/10/25 I’ve been getting back into the exciting world of desktop Linux cat vacuuming yak shaving lately. (I never completely leave, but I guess the intensity of my presence varies.)
2016/7/11 extracting all (?) of the filenames from packages available in debian
2016/5/4 Back in Colorado, the lawn needs mown and the sink is full of dishes. Last Tuesday morning’s old-computer build is still half-assembled on the kitchen floor and the kitchen counters and probably several other places.
2016/3/5 yo dawg
2016/2/6 Getting a list of files in a given target directory matching some criteria, in Perl, using File::Find:
2016/2/5 moving from cgi to static site generation
2016/1/28 profiling perl
2016/1/18 travis ci and perl modules
2015/4/9 CGI::Fast and multi_param()
2015/1/7 local webservers and static html generation
2013/8/4 Yesterday I spent an hour sitting on the floor sorting painstakingly through my change jar. (Big score: Two wheathead pennies, one from 1954 and one from 1929, minted in Denver. Lesser finds include four Sacagawea dollars, some Hungarian forints, and a 20p piece from 2004.) I also oiled the hinges on my front door, played pinball for 45 minutes, read about programming languages, drank most of a bottle of red wine, and laid on my floor staring at the ceiling past a rack of drying towels and boxer briefs for a minor ocean of time.
2013/3/23 In honor of today’s weather, some Perl:
2008/2/22 writing one-liners stoned
2007/10/3 perl's each() and subtle retention of unwanted state
2007/7/14 I've been skimming MJD's Higher-Order Perl this past week. It's a very clever book. If you enjoy hacking Perl at all, it's almost certain to be worth your time.
2007/6/20 Here is a Subversion repository for p1k3 backend tools. (Eventually I will switch to distributed revision control for this and other projects. Suggestions would be welcome; there seem to be plenty of contenders.)
2006/10/4 ware
2006/3/23 After about four hours of beating my head against display.pl and LaTeX, here is test.pdf, which is bad on several levels, but is probably 9/10 of the way to being a real book. Given that I keep running into ways for raw HTML to play hell with LaTeX, this is actually relatively painless.
2004/7/29 well, technically - wherein i stop using doublequotes altogether
2003/7/21 I was playing around a little today with scanning things and using the (very) basic image functions I once added to the works, and I decided that if I were going to post a lot of visual content, things around here would need some improvement. There is doubtless all kinds of good free code I could borrow, but I would want to integrate it with the existing system or maybe even build a new one from scratch.
2003/1/11 Just for kicks, here's the latest version of the p1k3 display script (with a .txt extension this time around). The comments should be a little more helpful on this one, and everything should actually do what it's supposed to.
2002/12/10 Tue Dec 10 19:27:59 CST 2002 - Tue Dec 10 16:17:43 CST 2002
2002/12/6 ok, that's it, i'm done. / no more perl this year / i just can't hack it
2002/9/26 i just spent twenty minutes / tweaking my display script to insert line breaks / so i can write this way without typing <br /> / every single line
2002/1/9 Wed Jan  9 20:41:53 CST 2002
2001/9/6 Cloudy outside, a little windy... Change just might be in the air. Or this long, hot late summer could just keep on hazing along.
2001/6/11 Got home yesterday a bit before midnight.