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2016/9/29 php method access
2016/1/27 Recent paid work:
2015/2/2 kernel-o-matic & pi finder - raspberry pi 2 - telling composer to ignore php version requirements
2014/9/6 language things
2010/12/11 and all history unfolds before you
2010/11/20 1:37pm. My sole intention for the weekend is to do nothing whatever in furtherance of my day job. I find that I am able to get just past noon before relapsing, and I manage to repress the impulse after only a few minutes. Clearly this is progress.
2009/11/8 Equality operators in PHP and Haskell
2009/9/22 So a while ago we hired a guy at SparkFun to start doing random desktop support. Help-my-printer-won't-print kinds of things. And then we hired another guy who is way, way smarter about network stuff than me.* And not too long after these events, a really strange thing began to happen: My job where I'm supposed to be a programmer turned into a job where I actually write programs.