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This is a list of poems on p1k3. Aside from individual entries, there are also a couple of chapbooks, formatted for print:

2018/10/25 when i was young, i read a book
2018/5/13 a mother's day lawn and garden report
2018/4/5 i think the special tragedy of
2018/1/4 speculative execution
2017/11/28 it helps (maybe it's a need)
2017/11/8 the snow melting over the green grass
2017/10/26 outside the windows the newly
2017/10/19 the late afternoon
2017/8/4 we're a fire
2017/7/11 sometimes
2017/6/26 photography
2017/3/15 you've got to remember
2017/1/27 insomnia's a poor subject, i guess
2017/1/20 the text is a program
2017/1/14 enough exposure to the look and feel of
2016/10/17 (nobody wants another meditation on mortality
2016/9/26 outside my window
2016/8/17 writing is a
2016/8/13 the frogs
2016/8/10 i sometimes feel like i'm living a
2016/6/1 in my life it seems like
2016/5/2 there's a picture on the wall of kurt cobain
2016/4/19 i used to be obsessed with
2016/4/1 reality is n-dimensional,
2016/3/25 tenebrae
2016/1/14 then again, maybe writing is just
2016/1/12 looking up through sunglasses as i step out of the alley
2016/1/5 it's gotten easier with time
2015/10/22 filing cabinets
2015/9/24 i carry on so much conversation
2015/9/3 two exercises:
2015/8/30 we sleep the afternoon away
2015/8/27 experience of this 21st century so far
2015/7/9    one of the (myriad) basic problems
2015/7/3 a place is a relation
2015/6/8 reading metafilter in the sun on my front porch
2015/4/29 when walked we then
2015/4/16 variations on a theme
2015/4/9 CGI::Fast and multi_param()
2015/2/6 A little visual poetry, courtesy of the clipboard history for the text editor on my artisanal computer:
2015/1/5 driving down 36 to see you
2014/7/29 it was raining again tonight
2014/5/19 monday night driving home from work
2014/4/15 From another time and a different season, Rexroth, "Blood on a Dead World":
2014/3/13 the poem and the song
2014/2/24 it's been warm all day;
2014/2/12 i told a story today, thinking of you and
2014/2/11 sometimes the frame shifts
2014/2/3 one day
2014/1/26 it must be sixty degrees in the sun
2014/1/21 history
2014/1/15 so you go on gathering
2014/1/12 the one casey is waiting for - reading
2013/12/3 a discourse on utility
2013/11/18 the ridiculous subjective interiority of being depressed as fuck all the time
2013/10/14 it's a hard thing
2013/10/6 i guess it still colors the air around me
2013/9/8 i step out into the rain, pipe in hand
2013/7/16 the world is complex, complicated,
2013/7/12 then what is it you lose,
2013/5/2 from a bus running north out of boulder
2013/4/8 maybe in the end there's but one
2013/2/9 midwinter midafternoon; depressed as hell
2012/10/9 i am a stateful machine
2012/5/11 mountains behind mountains recede into
2012/4/27 fragment
2012/4/11 this poem again
2012/4/9 you're forever arriving and departing
2012/3/26 1 a.m. is usually where i find myself
2012/3/17 i guess maybe we ask too
2012/2/1 sometimes, i think
2012/1/29 laws of conservation of longing:
2012/1/10 — it's a strange winter in the middle places
2011/10/14 i've got this friend has a real knack
2011/8/12 christ it's late and i'm exhausted
2011/8/10 one diminishes or becomes greater
2011/7/4 happy birthday the USA,
2011/6/3 you know what the sensation of getting old is?
2011/5/15 A partial inventory of things found in one of those blue plastic tubs from my parents' basement, where I threw a bunch of stuff the last time I had to move in a hurry:
2011/4/25 i can't claim to strive for it
2011/1/1 six years on
2010/12/6 it's hard to say where an end begins
2010/12/5 recent notes
2010/11/15 All right, deep breath. Approximately midway through the month of November, I am sitting on about 7 thousand words. This is some literal tens of thousands away from where I should probably be if I were going to hit that 50k.
2010/11/2 i've been off the sauce lately
2010/10/30 i was remembering today
2010/10/9 outside it's going over into fall,
2010/9/21 all flesh like grass
2010/6/16 how much have you had
2010/5/18 you're real young, you think your parents
2010/5/12 all day long it's gray and
2010/5/5 on watching king of the hill
2010/4/25 i'm 29 years old
2010/2/2 headed home at thanksgiving,
2009/10/20 i'm willing to accede to a certain amount of
2009/8/30 people with poems
2009/8/24 — busted watches, bookstores,
2009/8/23 near the trailhead on the way back from jasper lake,
2009/8/21 — wind in the streets outside the watering hole
2009/8/20 — jealousy and theft,
2009/8/19 83/93
2009/8/17 river water, broken sidewalks, stolen lines
2009/7/20 at a table outside the king soopers,
2009/6/18 a stop in julesburg
2009/6/5 america
2009/4/29 you turn the lock of the password,
2009/4/25 someone says
2009/4/5 it's still the early years of a century
2009/3/15 i wake up at noon or maybe one
2009/3/14 at the end of the last summer i
2009/1/9 for the most part,
2008/12/28 i'm listening to
2008/12/24 I got a hat, and a cast iron pan, and volume 3 of the collected
2008/12/18 the ashes of this year are still
2008/12/12 Ta-Nehisi Coates
2008/11/11 11/11 - a (reformatted) transcription of recent notes on AM radio
2008/11/6 recently - regional transportation district poem #1
2008/10/26 sunday morning in late october
2008/10/24 i'm always, every day
2008/10/5 i've just finished reading
2008/9/26 yeah yeah yeah - points a & b
2008/9/16 reasons not to compose on a typewriter
2008/9/9 you know when it's the
2008/8/21 aluminum
2008/7/6 line(s) at a reading the other night
2008/5/31 i have this vision
2008/5/23 there's a deep itching in my knee where
2008/5/22 Dulces, sonoras, roncas ranas,
2008/5/18 sunday on p1k3 is observational nihilism day
2008/4/21 the poetry of everyday american life
2008/4/16 some days i'm in love
2008/4/15 3am / not nebraska
2008/4/13 carolann says we should mend
2008/4/7 it ain't just feet of clay
2008/4/6 yesterday morning.
2008/4/5 3am / bird
2008/4/4 and one day
2008/3/25 fragment
2008/3/9 And even if you found yourself in some prison, whose walls let in none of the world's sounds—wouldn't you still have your childhood, that jewel beyond all price, that treasure house of memories?
2008/2/24 self-referentially incomplete busted-love-poem
2008/2/18 reading montaigne on the bus
2008/2/17 is only
2008/2/16 i think we frequently value artists
2008/2/9 the cellular telephone is a powerful innovation
2008/2/3 i picked up a hitchhiker the other morning
2007/12/7 hope is best understood as pathology
2007/11/28 loss is the residuum
2007/11/15 the fifteenth of november
2007/10/24 in the distance, there is snow on
2007/9/24 carolAnn is writing a poem about spiders
2007/5/22 It's been months since I wrote much of anything,
2007/4/28 the albany sky gets lighter
2007/4/3 About half of everything
2007/3/28 i get pretty high on the way to the bar
2007/3/11 first of all, substance:
2007/3/5 sunlight straight
2007/2/27 the evil is general,
2007/2/26 one table over,
2006/10/7 on pearl street the other day
2006/9/26 insectember
2006/8/14 it's almost cold this morning
2006/7/15 it's after midnight
2006/6/29 today, i felt that we live in an age beyond everything
2006/6/2 driving home
2006/5/25 engineering
2006/5/2 thesis
2006/4/29 my favorite press release headline to date:
2006/4/20 should be a good day to be in boulder
2006/4/9 palm sunday
2006/4/7 daylight savings
2006/3/14 unexpectedly, i am sitting
2006/3/4 tweak - relativity
2006/2/25 i do not care about
2006/2/17 50 pages into february,
2006/2/1 Starting a new paper notebook. Here are some excerpts from the old one.
2006/1/17 could i elaborate on why
2006/1/14 elk|rabbits|deer|mice - a simple engine for expressing poetic variation
2005/12/14 stupid similes
2005/12/3 my 24 year old transistor radio
2005/12/2 outside a snow is falling
2005/11/10 a poem carolann wrote
2005/10/22 current notebook extracts, some variations on same
2005/10/14 i like places that are wasted
2005/9/13 disclaimer
2005/8/8 i: punditry - ii: attitude - iii: anyway
2005/7/7 the problem of evil compounds itself
2005/7/6 for many school-aged children
2005/6/19 i used to come home long
2004/12/19 cladistics
2004/12/18 so in my own life i think i'm losing the war,
2004/12/17 a reflection on the thursday night bar scene in lincoln nebraska and my place therein, with consequences attendant
2004/12/12 "i love the world", a good friend wrote to me not so long ago.
2004/12/7 i know hate is just no good
2004/11/29 is what i always come back to
2004/11/28 this morning, while
2004/11/27 a partial list of initial lines of things i have written with more than the usual number of line breaks (ill-sorted)
2004/11/22 was going somewhere with this
2004/11/9 i leave the office around sunset,
2004/10/24 The better part of October just rolled by over my head while I followed lawnmowers across the tiny front lawns and massive corporate grounds of Middle America's neighborhood associations and insurance companies. I picked up cigarette butts in front of department stores and navigated around little concrete statues while composing things in my head like
2004/10/20 today i skipped work
2004/10/8 friday afternoon, sweet relief:
2004/9/25 time is like some slow drug:
2004/9/21 should not waste the awareness of rain
2004/9/20 winfield, pt. 1
2004/9/8 spider sex - direction as well as magnitude
2004/9/3 justify yourself
2004/8/17 last night pulling onto 180 to go the three miles home
2004/7/31 Wala::get_searchlinks
2004/7/24 was going to be an essay on photography: notes thereto
2004/7/12 Monday at the coffee shop,
2004/7/6 when we get back to the house,
2004/7/4 bohemia
2004/6/27 shucks - having done
2004/5/31 all in the wrist - two related thoughts - i would rather be a forest than a street
2004/5/12 it's after 12:30; i'm sitting on
2004/5/5 lyle grayson, billings, montana
2004/5/1 may day, beltane, &c.
2004/4/20 the end of another semester,
2004/4/19 yesterday the wind came into town and
2004/4/9 carolann writes another poem; i add a linebreak
2004/3/23 reading alan watts on an airplane
2004/3/17 carolann writes a poem
2004/3/1 some days
2004/2/16 i suddenly felt deeply
2004/2/10 footing on the bridge
2004/2/7 one of my two best friends from highschool
2004/2/2 later - earlier
2004/1/29 A sinus headache is quietly undermining my sanity.
2004/1/20 things - search me - some search strings for the month of january,
2004/1/19 Girl,
2004/1/12 you have to choose, she said
2004/1/5 bark - origin - snake not biting tail
2004/1/4 addiction, a hypothesis:
2003/12/25 outside, cold and mostly dry
2003/12/18 tuesday morning i left the room
2003/12/7 of course it didn't snow
2003/12/6 december's weight is strange
2003/10/30 words are empty
2003/10/22 further old notebook things
2003/10/16 some things from a notebook: one old page, - another, - and one new
2003/10/9 a list - cetacean
2003/10/1 October,
2003/9/25 lately i have been saying
2003/9/12 debitive
2003/9/11 soaked? well, not quite
2003/9/9 essay - morning
2003/9/3 this place is a fucking mess
2003/8/21 i wonder why thankfulness is so hard to express
2003/8/20 making my shaggy, sweat-soaked
2003/8/15 denim, flannel, wool, and polycotton blends
2003/8/12 ggk
2003/8/11 good things
2003/8/8 leaving for missouri
2003/7/24 maybe not, always
2003/7/15 a quiet plea
2003/7/8 something noticed
2003/7/1 the sense that you have been operating under false assumptions
2003/6/24 molly:
2003/5/21 is this thing still on?
2003/4/22 debitive
2003/4/15 and start fresh
2003/4/1 : fuck!
2003/3/25 what's wrong is everywhere - the bitter strings,
2003/3/13 flee from me, keepers of the gloom - conversation is good, right?
2003/3/7 of all those i have ever read about,
2003/3/4 everything - meanwhile - harvest
2003/3/1 there are robins in the tree outside the window
2003/2/24 so my copy of - came
2003/2/17 and the front page of the new york times says
2003/2/13 afternoon, rewritten a few days later - early AM
2003/2/11 loose notebook transcriptions - you know the weird instant when - , - god i love led zeppelin
2003/2/4 and an answer or two - early a.m. rhetorical questions - fiction, most entirely
2003/2/1 it shames me that the first thing i thought
2003/1/28 We've got
2003/1/27 morning - afternoon
2003/1/26 early - late
2003/1/25 are not half bad.
2003/1/24 yesterday i hit
2003/1/20 i start to wonder about the visual hallucinations
2003/1/19 stagger, if not quite stumble in
2003/1/16 answers to questions implied by search strings which have found this site
2003/1/15 this is me,
2003/1/10 brent: go for it
2003/1/6 you could learn a lot splitting firewood
2003/1/1 There's no such thing as a blank slate
2002/12/31 the last day of the year is fading fast
2002/12/20 admit it
2002/12/19 people talked me into reading
2002/12/18 one ring, oh yeah
2002/12/16 little experiment
2002/12/12 how 'bout a revolution? - what's going down
2002/12/10 Tue Dec 10 19:27:59 CST 2002 - Tue Dec 10 16:17:43 CST 2002
2002/12/9 another
2002/12/7 friday night, a few weeks ago
2002/12/6 ok, that's it, i'm done.
2002/11/26 housekeeping
2002/11/12 *blink*
2002/11/11 and a dream to match
2002/10/31 rounding out the month,
2002/10/27 All right, it's true. OS X kicks the tar out of Windows. Even with the goofy dock and the goofy shiny plasticized Aqua look and the ridiculous hardware requirements. Even with the lame too-shallow laptop like keyboards and the worthless anti-ergonomic single-button mice (mouses?) that somehow became central to the Macintosh design philosophy while I wasn't looking.
2002/10/25 too many words
2002/10/23 Better Than Ezra have more decent songs than I remembered.
2002/10/22 if all my trains of thought
2002/10/16 i don't have time to be writing this
2002/10/12 Brent:
2002/10/10 or, why am i not sleeping?
2002/10/3 all day
2002/10/1 oh god come quickly the execution of all things
2002/9/27 to treat of things musical
2002/9/26 i just spent twenty minutes
chapbook unrequired poetry