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2019/6/13 Maciej Cegłowski, the New Wilderness:
2018/10/28 It’s fall. I filled out a ballot today, which is basically the furthest extent of my political participation in recent memory, a few angry letters aside. I feel paralyzed.
2018/6/3 on the vexed subject of github
2018/4/15 watching: the west wing
2017/4/11 #IstandwithCEU
2017/1/25 I went down to the Women’s March in Denver on Saturday with my girlfriend and my sister and a couple of our friends and (from the looks of things at the bus station) a pretty good percentage of Boulder County. I didn’t take a camera any better than my phone; none of us were really sure what to expect from the whole thing, and traveling light seemed like a good idea.
2016/3/26 Out along the foothills, everything blanketed in snow and the particular dingy grey of snowclouds still churning slowly over the mountains. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were still coming down up above Jamestown.
2013/6/16 So:
2012/2/22 "figures like Heinlein and Gingrich"
2004/6/25 green and grey - some thoughts from today i want to assimilate or resolve