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2018/10/4 Glitter Positioning System, a project for Burning Man 2018.
2018/6/2 a refrain
2016/11/16 Flashes of clarity:
2015/8/31 After work, we drift over from the shop to 3’s and order Bud in bottles. There’re sports on the TV. We talk shit about football, baseball, and programming. We are knowledgeable of, perhaps, one of these subjects. I lament init systems. We sing the endless song of hate for XML. We agree that CSV isn’t so bad as all that. We have a second beer.
2014/8/6 You listen to the radio. It tells you: The world is burning. You drift through the internet. It tells you: The world is burning, and you are at best a minor kind of accomplice. You occupy the web of consumer-economy transactions, and this vast network in which you are an incidental node, it transports the fuel and fans the flames.
2014/5/19 monday night driving home from work
2013/7/10 4pm: ambient Twitter radiation prompts me to look out the office windows in Gunbarrel. Sure enough, in the hills towards the northwest, a small white plume, too low and distinct to be a cloud. We confer. Definitely smoke. The Internet says it's north and a little west of Lyons. Through binoculars it looks bigger, oddly less distinct. It's hot out, windy enough. Fire season seems to have re-emerged.
2013/7/8 the past isn't that evenly distributed either
2013/7/7 Main Street in Lyons is busy all day long, thick with tourist traffic, National Park daytrippers, and people on Harleys. I feel invisible - walking for groceries, reading over food and a beer, watching mid-afternoon rain from the doors outside my rooms. A lot of people pass through a place like this, but you're so much background noise to most of them.
2012/10/13 It's Saturday afternoon. It's cool outside, wet from sporadic daylong rain. The sun is going down fast over near the mountains and the clouds. Out here on the flat, when I get as far as stepping out of the door, there are dead leaves heaping up on my lawn and the smell of neighborhood woodsmoke, unnecessary at this temperature but no doubt comforting to someone in a ritual way.
2012/9/16 radio
2012/4/14 i'll do better next time
2011/4/3 notes for the next time you launch a high-altitude balloon
2011/3/9 I'm waiting for mass transit in Lafayette, eating at this off-brand drive-in fast food joint that resembles a Sonic closely enough that I'm almost convinced it used to be one. Oldies station on the radio, just esoteric enough to actually be a Pandora channel (all the more likely since the Oldies format seems to have been altogether supplanted by Classic Rock and the Greatest Hits of The 80s 90s and Today! while I wasn't looking). One waitress working. Burger and fries. The burger is kind of overcooked and the bun is either toasted a bit too much or just plain stale. The fries are oversalted but hot. This is an effort at a facsimile, but all of it suggests a kind of American authenticity predating any awareness I ever had of Americana or Authenticity as a much-trammeled but ever-marketable concept.
2010/7/27 i want you guys to understand i'm a little baked right now
2009/6/5 america
2008/11/11 11/11 - a (reformatted) transcription of recent notes on AM radio
2008/10/27 i know it's a sickness
2006/10/25 deep down, everybody just wants to be indie as fuck
2006/7/10 amplitude modulation
2005/12/3 my 24 year old transistor radio / is playing barely comprehensible reggae / ("woman, go home, to your husband") / there's a fire in the stove; the kettle / on top is hissing and steams a little / in the light from outside which is / made up of silver brown dead grass / thin snow, dirty windows / and is fading as i write this
2004/11/28 this morning, while / unloading the dishwasher in my parents' kitchen / i listen to a radio sermon / the preacher is talking about christian humility / of which he suggests the apostle paul was a perfect example
2004/9/30 i wrote this at 4 in the morning
2001/9/11 Got up this morning, did some homework, and went back to sleep. Woke up to NPR's news coverage.
1999/9/20 Monday, September 20, 0:08 CDT / I read a Salon.com article on "numbers stations" Thursday night, and fell asleep switching through stations on my little Radio Shack world band radio. Not that I found anything, but that static is strangely hypnotic...