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2017/2/28 reading
2016/4/24 Purchased at the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Book Sale, for $5 in total:
2016/4/12 Somewhere just before dark, I sit on my new front steps with a low-grade import beer that I don’t actually want much and listen to the frogs across the street. I want to hear the frogs quite a bit more than I want the beer. They’ve been noisy every night since I moved in, a jarring reminder of the organic world that I have been ignoring while looking at screens for so long. Later, writing this at the kitchen counter with the front door cracked and the heat leaking out into the mid-April night time chill, I can still hear them.
2015/10/20 Reading:
2015/10/7 I don’t really care about Jonathan Franzen, in a way that probably functions as a microcosm of all the ways I usually fail to care about literary fiction as a genre. Life is short, the available writing is well-nigh infinite, and there is
2014/12/17 I'm writing a bit about the command line again (surprise), and I hadn't read
2014/8/4 reading - meta-reading
2014/5/21 Ta-Nehisi Coates,
2014/3/11 Reading:
2014/2/8 Reading:
2014/1/12 the one casey is waiting for - reading
2013/11/10 Reading:
2013/9/7 I’ve been reading Grudin’s
2013/9/5 Robert Grudin, preface to
2013/4/25 Reading:
2012/11/25 A book so good that I missed at least four bus stops while reading it:
2012/11/14 A book so good that I actually read the entire thing on the web:
2012/10/21 So I picked up some things at one of the used bookstores over on Main last night - John Barnes'
2012/9/30 Sometimes you find a story, of one kind or another, all piled up in one place. I just came across one of those, digging through a moving box for scratch paper: A folder, stashed in a corner, 50 pages of incidental paperwork, notes, blurry photos printed in black and white off some Hewlett-Packard or Xerox, fragments of other peoples' manuscripts.
2012/9/29 :
2012/3/27 From a recent
2011/10/2 reading
2011/7/27 From
2011/7/10 It's been the kind of day where at some point one had better plans, but in the end what one does is lay about one's basement apartment acting out some stereotype of reclusive dorkitude.
2011/5/15 A partial inventory of things found in one of those blue plastic tubs from my parents' basement, where I threw a bunch of stuff the last time I had to move in a hurry:
2010/11/22 8190 words since October 26.
2010/11/15 All right, deep breath. Approximately midway through the month of November, I am sitting on about 7 thousand words. This is some literal tens of thousands away from where I should probably be if I were going to hit that 50k.
2010/5/10 There's a certain kind of book that people will tell you, over and over again, that you ought to read. You specifically, because it really reminds them of you. Accordingly, you give it a shot, and promptly discover that you really don't like the book all that much, and then you begin to wonder what exactly it means that everyone thinks you should. For years after this pattern starts, you'll feel a vague, pre-emptory irritation every time some new acquaintance starts a sentence like "say, have you ever read..."
2009/3/24 Scott Aaronson,
2009/2/11 So I finished
2008/11/18 So I was just thinking about this in the shower, and it came to me that the
2008/10/5 i've just finished reading
2008/9/8 On the other hand, I checked out a copy of
2008/9/5 Derrick Jensen's name has been in the air a bit lately, for one reason or another. Probably this has something to do with the class of education hippie I hang out with. Anyway, I went to the public library the other day and the only thing they had that wasn't checked out (or stolen) was
2006/10/9 . Much of which is kind of reflexive, but there's quite a bit of meat in this:
2006/1/25 anyway, about the art of other persons
2004/4/15 sed tamen ego requiro - jake - elvis picked up a guitar and made all the women wet - an early morning observation
2004/1/2 Eric called and left a message, said the server was acting strange. When I logged in, a few hundred instances of the script that glues this site together were churning through infinite loops, whirring along in perplexed expectation of an entry I had failed to create for 2004.
2003/9/9 essay - morning
2003/8/12 ggk
2003/7/30 Today I read a couple of George Orwell's essays.
2003/7/22 I'm reading
2003/6/4 So far this summer, I have read two books.
2002/4/23 I love Roger Zelazny.
2002/4/21 Back to Rexroth. The Bureau of Public Secrets's (that apostrophe does seem really off)
2002/2/1 critic
2001/10/10 I had to go to the library last night for an assignment (writing a response to an article on the effects of poverty and high infant mortality on mother love in a Brazilian shantytown), and felt like reading something to stave off a growing sense that the world is shit and people universally suck.
2000/10/29 Ok, so it's a
2000/10/7 Well, I said it might be a while.
2000/9/13 Just finished reading
2000/6/25 Must. Have. Sleep.
2000/3/28 I've been doing a terrible job updating this lately. To no one's surprise.
2000/1/25 Where to start?
1999/8/30 I got home on the morning of the 17th, around 7:00, after an 11 hour bus ride. I think it's safe to say that I won't Go Greyhound again any time in the near future.
1999/6/15 I got home Sunday evening. Spent the week in Breckenridge, Colorado - my dad had one of those meetings that serve as an excuse for everyone to bring their families and do expensive stuff on the company tab. Meant to update before I left, but Hardlink's servers were down (or unreachable, at any rate).
1999/1/18 I won a copy of