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2019/5/6 reading: the raven tower
2019/2/12 reading: astounding
2018/1/29 reading: a wizard of earthsea
2018/1/1 reading in 2017
2017/11/24 reading: stories of your life and others
2017/1/14 enough exposure to the look and feel of / old science fiction will give you / this kind of double vision when it comes / to the style of the present
2016/4/24 Purchased at the Friends of the Loveland Public Library Book Sale, for $5 in total:
2015/10/20 Reading: Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword, by Ann Leckie. Almost done with the second, and one more book to go in the series, I think.
2015/9/7 It’s a little over a week before we drive to Kansas. I’ve talked to Minnesota Dave, and David M., and made sure Shawn is going to be there. h is likely coming, with some complications about a wedding in Minnesota. Toni is making solar power supplies for twinkly string lights. CarolAnn and Ben got a sun shelter.
2014/7/21 some hope x notes (post-travel)
2014/5/21 Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Case for Reparations:
2014/2/8 Reading: Lady of Mazes, Karl Schroeder (arrived at via this Jo Walton piece) and his earlier Ventus after finishing that.
2014/2/4 Fragments from October's notebook.
2013/1/16 For reasons not always entirely clear to me, I'm a sometime subscriber to The Economist. The subscription will lapse for a while, after I look at the renewal notice while thinking about one too many agonizingly tone-deaf photo captions or quasi-contrarian-reasonable-fiscal-conservative political stances, and then one day I'll be looking at the list of magazines you can get for your tiny heap of airline miles just before they lapse and I'll think well, this is all basically shit, but I guess I might as well get The Economist again, because they're sort of doing actual reporting and such, and unlike Standard US Market Fundamentalists, they aren't completely out of their brains.
2012/10/21 So I picked up some things at one of the used bookstores over on Main last night - John Barnes' Kaleidoscope Century, Jo Walton’s The King’s Name, and Douglas A. Martin’s Your Body Figured. I really appreciated Barnes' A Million Open Doors a decade or so ago, so I read Kaleidoscope Century before I went to bed. This turned out to be not a great idea for either of falling asleep or waking up in a useful frame of mind.
2012/10/18 It’s late again. I am eating dry Cheerios by the handful and sitting on my couch messing around on the Internet.
2012/2/22 "figures like Heinlein and Gingrich"
2011/10/2 reading
2011/7/10 It's been the kind of day where at some point one had better plans, but in the end what one does is lay about one's basement apartment acting out some stereotype of reclusive dorkitude.
2011/5/15 A partial inventory of things found in one of those blue plastic tubs from my parents' basement, where I threw a bunch of stuff the last time I had to move in a hurry:
2010/11/20 1:37pm. My sole intention for the weekend is to do nothing whatever in furtherance of my day job. I find that I am able to get just past noon before relapsing, and I manage to repress the impulse after only a few minutes. Clearly this is progress.
2009/2/11 So I finished Anathem the other night. It's the first of Stephenson's novels I've read in its entirety since somewhere around the first volume of The Baroque Cycle.
2009/2/6 Henry Farrell, Partisanship, Ideology and Loyalty:
2009/1/3 The morning of New Year's, I went over to Casey's place on the Hill so he could tune my new (used) bicycle a little.
2007/10/9 I just started working part-time at Sparkfun Electronics. It is by far the most SFnal work environment I have had (in the Robert Heinlein Engineering Story sense), although my responsibilities are in the relatively mundane fields of web applications and busted-ass workstations.
2007/9/5 I’ve always wanted to be good at lots of things. Actually, that’s not quite true: I’ve always thought that serious people are good at lots of things. I blame some of this on Robert Heinlein, and more of it on my parents.1 The conceptual model of useful I inherited from them is, it turns out, well above the American cultural median.
2005/11/26 bluepunk cybergrass
2004/1/2 Eric called and left a message, said the server was acting strange. When I logged in, a few hundred instances of the script that glues this site together were churning through infinite loops, whirring along in perplexed expectation of an entry I had failed to create for 2004.
2002/5/30 In the meantime, he worked on his book.
2001/7/27 Ok, so I was mangling that title. FWIW, it's Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team. I think. At any rate, both it and Outlaw Star are growing on me.
2001/7/22 Eric pointed me to a Salon piece by David Brin, doing some heavily unflattering criticism of Star Wars. Think I linked to this a while back, but it was worth reading over. I can't exactly say I agree with him wholeheartedly, but Brin says plenty that's worth thinking about. (Not to mention entertainingly written - which only makes sense, if you've read much of his fiction.)
2001/3/16 Might as well update this again... Never going to get back into the habit any other way.
2001/3/4 Sunday, March 4, 19:39 CST / Ok, so where was I?
2000/10/3 Tuesday, October 3, 15:23 CDT / Page 250, taking a short break...
1999/5/19 Wednesday, May 19 / ~2:15: I go to bed, setting my alarm for 4:30.
1999/4/5 Monday, April 5, 23:10 CD(aylight savings time sucks)T / A belated happy Easter, all.
1998/12/10 Thursday, December 10, 18:50 CST / Ok, so I lied. It's been more than a couple of days. I should really learn not to make statements like that.
1998/11/21 Saturday, November 21, 1:04 CST / I just got back from seeing Rugrats (yeah, you heard me). A friend of mine demanded we go see it. Pretty good children's movie, although I almost fell asleep at one point.
1998/9/29 Tuesday, September 29, 20:20 CDT Well, I'm using a Mac. A G3 266 mhz w/32 megs of RAM, to be more specific. We're leasing it through the school for $35 a month (hey, it wasn't my idea). It's one of the ugliest computers I've ever seen - an all-in-one case, with a top that's something like a translucent plastic cheese grater, and an overall shape that my mom likens to the head of some hideous B-movie alien.
1998/9/8 Tuesday, September 8, 23:45 CDT Well, I had a great weekend. Borrowed a Proxima video projector that's been sitting in my dad's office, and set it up to project on the side of our garage. Had a couple of friends over, watched Blade Runner (great film), played a few Playstation games, and watched Willow. Went to bed around 7:00 yesterday morning...
1998/8/25 Tuesday, August 25, 18:36 CDT In one of those wierd little coincidences that my life seems to be full of, I was thinking last night about how incredibly cool a well done film version of The Lord of the Rings could be. And what do I find upon checking Slashdot? It's actually going to happen. And as a trilogy.
1997/7/12 Saturday, July 12, 1:30 A.M. I just got back from seeing Men in Black. Excellent flick.