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2019/10/5 sfe
2016/10/14 It’s the middle of the night, and I should be sleeping. Because I had a run in with a plate of Oskar Blues chicken enchiladas and one to four pilsners (who’s counting, really?), I am not.
2015/2/2 kernel-o-matic & pi finder - raspberry pi 2 - telling composer to ignore php version requirements
2015/1/21 I wanted to figure out where I used a library in existing code.
2014/11/23 We hooked up Toni’s dad’s old turntable to my dad’s old receiver and Randy’s old speakers, and now we are listening to a record by The War On Drugs. It sounds like shit, probably because every element of the audio equipment chain here is worn out in at least one crucial way, but actually I kind of like the record.
2014/11/11 It’s late on a Tuesday night in November. The temperature outside has been in the single digits for a couple of hours, and is projected to reach a high somewhere around 5° tomorrow. It’s the kind of night where I’ve got cabinet doors open wide and a trickle running from the faucets and I might just leave the heat on when I go to work tomorrow, utility bills be damned.
2014/11/3 autumnal notes
2014/10/1 A lot of things are happening right now in my life. Many of them are interesting enough to write about, but a lot of them would be a bad idea to write about. Some things that seem kind of harmless to talk about follow.
2014/9/6 language things
2014/7/21 some hope x notes (post-travel)
2014/3/23 Erik Winn was tall and skinny and had skin like tanned leather. He wore glasses and shaggy sweaters and tall leather boots. His teeth were terrible, until he had them all out and got dentures. He smoked constantly – hand-rolled cigarettes from a big can of American Spirit tobacco. He rolled more expertly and effortlessly than anyone else I have ever met. He drank coffee, slowly, all day long. He seemed to live on peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, now and then a baked good from Trident, where he was very nearly part of the physical structure of the place when he was living in Boulder. He was, whatever else my description might suggest, a handsome man, and I know there were women in his life before I knew him, though by the time we worked together he was almost monk-like in his ascetism and claimed variously to have given up on love, on art, on a lot of what my Christian heritage is always calling the things of the world. He played classical guitar, skillfully, and sang, though I always had a hard time getting him to start.
2014/2/15 Some say love is a burning thing / That it makes a fiery ring / Oh but I know love as a fading thing / Just as fickle as a feather in a stream / See, honey, I saw love. You see, it came to me / It put its face up to my face so I could see / Yeah then I saw love disfigure me / Into something I am not recognizing
2013/11/24 "Dwarven society is more egalitarian than… human feudal societies were".
2012/12/16 We're doing a Kickstarter at SparkFun, to fund a teaching tour to schools in all 50 states.
2012/11/10 So you learn things about how to more or less preserve your sanity on the web. One of those things, if you're anything like me, is don't read the comments. At first, because comments are so ubiquitous on the web and make up so much of its apparent fabric, you just start mentally blacklisting a few comment sections — YouTube, Facebook, Hack a Day — then those for entire categories of site — political blogs, technical blogs, local newspapers, national newspapers, almost any post by anyone focused on race, gender, religion, music, art, or technology.
2012/10/26 , or
2012/5/24 Your code poetry for the evening, from SparkFun's implementation of a deprecated FedEx shipping API:
2010/12/11 and all history unfolds before you
2010/11/20 1:37pm. My sole intention for the weekend is to do nothing whatever in furtherance of my day job. I find that I am able to get just past noon before relapsing, and I manage to repress the impulse after only a few minutes. Clearly this is progress.
2010/11/15 All right, deep breath. Approximately midway through the month of November, I am sitting on about 7 thousand words. This is some literal tens of thousands away from where I should probably be if I were going to hit that 50k.
2010/11/7 It's Sunday afternoon and there are five of us upstairs at SparkFun.
2010/1/11 Courtesy of Chris Rojas, Free Day at SparkFun.
2009/10/23 hey nerds
2009/9/22 So a while ago we hired a guy at SparkFun to start doing random desktop support. Help-my-printer-won't-print kinds of things. And then we hired another guy who is way, way smarter about network stuff than me.* And not too long after these events, a really strange thing began to happen: My job where I'm supposed to be a programmer turned into a job where I actually write programs.
2009/1/29 work - aspirations
2008/11/7 why i am glad we have ron paul - blinking
2008/10/1 engineering
2007/10/9 I just started working part-time at Sparkfun Electronics. It is by far the most SFnal work environment I have had (in the Robert Heinlein Engineering Story sense), although my responsibilities are in the relatively mundane fields of web applications and busted-ass workstations.