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These are entries on technical topics: Programming, operating systems, the command line, text editors, etc. Some are basically essays; others are more in the way of a logbook or braindump. They might be useful if you’re working on solving a similar problem.

I wrote an (unfinished) introduction to the command-line called userland. I’ve also written tutorials for two employers:

I publish code to code.p1k3.com.

2019/1/21 #CircuitPython2019 - reflection 0: python could be worse - reflection 0a: the workflow is pretty good - reflection 1: the hardware isn’t quite there yet - reflection 2: this could be pretty important on linux systems - reflection 3: the community stuff is well-handled, except… - thoughts / hopes for 2019 and points beyond
2019/1/2 feed discovery in firefox, redux
2018/12/3 platform detection with linux on single-board computers
2018/11/11 initial notes on the intel nuc (NUC6i7KYK)
2018/10/7 filter-exec-stdin
2018/10/4 , a project for Burning Man 2018.
2018/7/26 feed discovery and live bookmarks should not be removed from firefox
2018/6/24 code.p1k3.com
2018/6/3 on the vexed subject of github
2018/5/28 XML::Atom::SimpleFeed and utf-8 text
2018/5/1 wtfm
2018/4/19 a git log with both tags and dates
2018/4/9 App::WRT v4.3.0: schwartzian transforms, long-term projects
2018/2/18 self hosting: as off of gmail as i'm going to get
2018/2/10 App::WRT v4.2.2
2018/1/17 self-hosting, a status check - mail - phone service / mobile os, apps, etc. - e-books - laptop and desktop hardware
2018/1/4 speculative execution
2017/11/29 self-hosting, cloud disentanglement, windmill tilting, etc. - mail - phone service - mobile os, apps, etc. - e-books - laptop and desktop hardware
2017/11/18 App::WRT - WRiting Tool, a static site generator and related utilities
2017/10/16 decades
2017/8/10 catenating files in order of modification time, a bad solution
2017/6/21 extracting your photos from flickr
2017/3/11 git-do: execute commands in the top level of a git repo
2017/1/24 shell history using RASH
2017/1/22 org mode - vimwiki
2017/1/7 initial notes on the dell xps 13 developer edition (9360)
2016/11/2 some things i have been using lately
2016/10/25 I’ve been getting back into the exciting world of desktop Linux
2016/10/16 finding an obscure vim plugin bug
2016/9/29 php method access
2016/9/22 gentle suggestions and fond hopes for your software project
2016/8/14 verizon i hate you / r.i.p. flickr
2016/7/11 extracting all (?) of the filenames from packages available in debian
2016/5/17 cheap shared persistent directory history in zsh
2016/5/14 Adjusting default size of stuff in Mozilla Firefox, for big high-DPI monitors:
2016/5/4 Back in Colorado, the lawn needs mown and the sink is full of dishes. Last
2016/4/26 It’s some time well after midnight. There’s a storm rolling in over the mountains and up from the south. On the radar, the colored splotches are over Boulder now and not quite here. There’s that heavy feeling to the air and the smell of flowers. The thunder is almost continuous, and you can hear rain on the trees though it’s not exactly
2016/4/14 snippets in vim
2016/2/17 process management with pm2
2016/2/6 Getting a list of files in a given target directory matching some criteria, in Perl, using
2016/2/5 moving from cgi to static site generation
2016/1/28 profiling perl
2016/1/27 Recent
2016/1/25 debugging fail2ban
2016/1/18 travis ci and perl modules
2016/1/16 importing workings-book to the p1k3 tree
2015/10/24 userlands, 1 of ?
2015/10/15 Circling back to
2015/7/6 technologies i have committed to knowing something functional about for the variously indefinite future
2015/5/1 Here’s what I’ve
2015/4/23 Over to the right of
2015/4/20 getting recent posts from pinboard machine-readably
2015/4/9 CGI::Fast and multi_param()
2015/3/2 python
2015/2/8 systemd & fsck
2015/2/2 kernel-o-matic & pi finder - raspberry pi 2 - telling composer to ignore php version requirements
2015/2/1 why aren't relational databases everywhere, like filesystems?
2015/1/29 raspberry pi kernels
2015/1/28 on replicating process - what makes programming hard? - debian packaging again - vagrant
2015/1/27 what version of what linux distribution is this? - armhf
2015/1/25 background colors for tmux
2015/1/22 deleting files from git history - postscript: on finding bugs
2015/1/21 This is what I wound up doing in zsh:
2015/1/16 .
2015/1/14 On making a web page remind me of a quality I never fully appreciated in HyperCard.
2015/1/13 rtd / bus schedules / transit data
2015/1/12 Debian packaging - MS-DOS / AGT
2015/1/7 local webservers and static html generation
2015/1/3 ipv6
2014/12/28 candles & candlemaking
2014/12/23 screenshots
2014/12/19 drawing tools
2014/12/18 screencast gifs
2014/12/10 listusers / squiggle.city repo
2014/12/8 ssh - mosh - time tracking - noobs / raspbian - beaglebone black - reading list
2014/12/7 notes directory
2014/12/5 notes on vim - keybindings
2014/12/3 makecitizen
2014/10/9 :
2014/9/6 language things
2011/12/19 generalizations from recent work by our friends at google, twitter, apple, et al.
2011/4/26 it's text editor tuesday!
2009/3/23 Questions: Is there a useful distinction between bad code, the way programmers experience it, and bad software, the way users experience it? If so, does the former nonetheless lead to the latter? How?
2008/10/10 difference
2007/10/3 perl's each() and subtle retention of unwanted state
2007/9/8 grape flavored
2007/7/14 I've been skimming MJD's
2007/6/20 Here is a Subversion
2007/5/27 I keep walking back and forth to the kitchen, looking for a substance to consume which will quiet my appetites sufficiently that I can sit still and write. So far I’ve gone through a fair amount of yogurt, several pieces of bread with olive oil, a cup of coffee, and half a bottle of Grolsch. There’s no whiskey or tobacco in the house, so I suppose this will have to do. If I can get on a roll before the beer is gone, it may be enough.
2007/5/21 a perl idiom i really like
2007/4/12 :
2007/4/4 you all who come here for things about real life can ignore this one as well.
2007/4/3 About half of everything
2007/4/2 I learned a little JavaScript today for a project at work. If this is the most exciting thing that happens all week, it won't surprise me.
2007/2/22 Text::Textile - i’d rather be boring than bored
2006/10/21 wherein i attend an academic conference
2006/10/4 ware
2006/6/4 small obvious not quite ironies
2006/3/23 After about four hours of beating my head against display.pl and LaTeX, here is
2004/7/29 well, technically - wherein i stop using doublequotes altogether
2003/7/21 I was playing around a little today with scanning things and using the (very) basic image functions I once added to
2003/1/11 Just for kicks, here's the latest version of
2002/12/10 Tue Dec 10 19:27:59 CST 2002 - Tue Dec 10 16:17:43 CST 2002
2002/12/6 ok, that's it, i'm done.
2002/9/26 i just spent twenty minutes
2002/4/2 Half past Eight, Tuesday the Second of April - ...than fade away - anyway - perspective
2002/1/9 Wed Jan  9 20:41:53 CST 2002
2001/12/13 chaotic snippets - music snippets -
2001/9/25 Tue Sep 25 21:08:44 CDT 2001
2001/9/6 Cloudy outside, a little windy... Change just might be in the air. Or this long, hot late summer could just keep on hazing along.
2001/6/11 Got home yesterday a bit before midnight.
2001/4/30 I'm sitting at an empty row of ancient IBM PC's in the library that serve as e-mail terminals (connecting to a Linux server somewhere or another where people can run Pine). Fortunately, I can also get to a shell, which means I can do pretty much anything...
2001/4/23 I'll bet you thought I wasn't going to update this today.
1998/12/10 Ok, so I lied. It's been more than a couple of days. I should really learn not to make statements like that.
1998/12/5 Well, I've been messing around with it all day, and I finally have a working Linux installation (RedHat 5.2).
1998/11/18 Well, I'm back. I know you're all thrilled.
1998/9/29 Well, I'm using a Mac. A G3 266 mhz w/32 megs of RAM, to be more specific. We're leasing it through the school for $35 a month (hey, it wasn't my idea). It's one of the ugliest computers I've ever seen - an all-in-one case, with a top that's something like a translucent plastic cheese grater, and an overall shape that my mom likens to the head of some hideous B-movie alien.
1998/9/9 I played around a bit with a Power Mac G3 all-in-one at school today. Seemed like a decent piece of equipment in some respects, although still crippled by the MacOS (among other things). The school is planning on leasing a huge number of these things to people in the community, and we might be getting one. Not a computer I would normally consider purchasing, but if we do have one around, I might as well mess with it. I'm betting a Linux installation would be cool...
1998/6/26 I'm in Williamsburg, VA. Irrelevant, I suppose, but so is most of this page.
1998/6/6 I picked up a copy of Ultimate Doom off a bargain bin the other day. I've discovered I'm still as bad at the game as I remembered, but it does bring back some pleasant memories. Anyway, since
1998/5/2 I've been lurking for a while on
1997/4/28 Well, another new version of mIRC has been released. Version 5.02 has a number of bug fixes, and some nifty new changes. The toolbar and status bar have been redone, and they look great. I even wrote up a little
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