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I wrote userland: a book about the command line for humans a while ago.

See /userland-book for the text itself.

2018/10/7 filter-exec-stdin
2016/10/14 It’s the middle of the night, and I should be sleeping. Because I had a run in with a plate of Oskar Blues chicken enchiladas and one to four pilsners (who’s counting, really?), I am not.
2016/1/16 importing workings-book to the p1k3 tree
2015/10/24 userlands, 1 of ?
2014/11/11 It’s late on a Tuesday night in November. The temperature outside has been in the single digits for a couple of hours, and is projected to reach a high somewhere around 5° tomorrow. It’s the kind of night where I’ve got cabinet doors open wide and a trickle running from the faucets and I might just leave the heat on when I go to work tomorrow, utility bills be damned.
2014/10/20 I finally got this thing fixed.
2014/9/6 language things
2014/5/12 I've been working on this, bit by bit, for months. A couple more chapters/sections close to done over the weekend:
2013/9/10 the command line as a literary environment