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A text editor.

My .vimrc and some related tools can be found in bpb-kit.

2019/6/2 I recently read At least one Vim trick you might not know, which is a pretty high-quality example of the stuff-about-text-editors blog post.
2017/1/22 org mode - vimwiki - addenda, early 2019
2016/4/14 snippets in vim
2016/3/5 yo dawg
2014/12/5 notes on vim - keybindings
2011/4/26 it's text editor tuesday!
2006/11/15 bram, i swear i'm going to send you - those kids in uganda some money.
2004/11/11 you were looking!
2004/11/8 Levi wants a vim cheatsheet to stick in front of his laptop keyboard.
2003/1/16 answers to questions implied by search strings which have found this site
2002/2/5 Tue Feb  5 21:50:16 CST 2002 - Tue Feb  5 9:44:24 CST 2002
2001/11/17 Sat Nov 17 01:00:55 CST 2001
1999/12/7 Tuesday, December 7, 22:00 CST / This is interesting. Messing with vi again. I still don't know about this. Completely different from every editing model I've ever used before. Which isn't a bad thing, but it could take some serious getting used to.