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2019/6/19 Some weeks ago, I read a New York Times review of Jared Diamond’s latest:
2017/1/2 A while back, I added a simple tag system to this site. Going back and skimming old entries to tag them, it’s hard not to be overcome by this kind of creeping self-hatred and regret for just about everything I’ve ever written.
2006/4/19 Today, I spent slightly less than 3 dollars on a little plastic box and some 3x5 index cards. I then tacked a length of string to a shelf on the wall opposite the computer desk, and found a jar of miniature wooden clothespins. (I had to ask Elizabeth. They were in a plastic tub with multicolored squares of felt, dyed wooden beads, pipecleaners, and wooden cutout horses.)
2004/12/10 What follows is unfinished and not remotely cohesive.
2004/2/19 Armand over at Moleskinerie asked if he could re-post yesterday's notebook ramblings. A sure sign, I suppose, that at least one person read them.
2004/2/18 material culture: dead trees, part 1