software i have actually written

A while back, I enjoyed reading Joey Hess’s twenty years of free software, in which he writes brief retrospectives about software he’s worked on in the last decade. I got to thinking that it would be interesting to do something similar, but then I had uncomfortable thoughts about how little I’ve actually published in the slightly-over-20-years that I’ve been programming.

And then I had two extra thoughts:

  1. The audience for this kind of thing is basically just me, so whatever.

  2. If there’s any utility in this kind of exercise for other people, maybe it is in demonstrating that you, too, can have a paid technical career even if you are kind of staggering through life in a haze of total confusion and crippling uncertainty, seldom accomplishing more than a tiny fraction of the things you promise yourself in the grip of fevered and often incoherent daydreams and ambitions.

So, without further ado, here are brief notes on many of the things I can remember having written at one time or another.