sunday, may 14

it’s a sunday night in the late spring of 2017. i’m in a house on one of the sparser edges of an exurb of colorado springs.

on the tv: “pat boone, a word about the secret war”. pat wants us to know that banks are required to spy on us for the government. the war on cash, he explains, is really a war on all freedom-loving americans.

and well, shit. pat boone isn’t observably wrong, honestly. i mean, at least not about those parts.

i didn’t even know pat boone was still alive. i guess it’s possible he’s not. this could be a completely fossilized late-night gold-as-an-investment-vehicle scam, quietly circulating the televised backwaters for years or decades now, damaging a life here and there as the last traces of the pat boone meme encounter minds left vulnerable by age and isolation.


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