Brennen Bearnes

I’m Brennen. Since 2019, I’ve been a member of the Release Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation. We provide the tools and services that enable software development for the Wikimedia movement, deploy the code that runs Wikipedia, and care for the health of Wikimedia production in various ways.

From 2007 to 2014, I worked at SparkFun Electronics, an electronics retailer which has helped to redefine the hobby electronics market, technology education, and open source hardware. Between 2014 and 2019, I contracted for Adafruit Industries and did a stint as a technical writer for DigitalOcean. At Adafruit I wrote educational materials, worked on the in-house webdev team, and eventually landed as a Creative Engineer with a focus on the Raspberry Pi and CircuitPython.


Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation (Remote)

February 2019–Present

Contract Work (Remote)

December 2014–January 2019

Technical Writer, DigitalOcean (Remote)

October 2015–June 2016

Lead Developer, SparkFun Electronics

November 2007–November 2014

Content Expert / Developer, Home & Abroad

May 2006–August 2007

Ongoing Projects


University of Nebraska-Lincoln