Saturday, November 29
Well, the biggest change here is that I've moved from GeoCities. I got a shell account with Hardlink, and so far it's been great.

There're probably all sorts of broken links, etc. scattered around here, but I'll try and get them fixed shortly. Also, my e-mail address has changed, in case anyone's trying to contact me.

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Saturday, November 15
I went to Starship Troopers last Saturday, and wrote most of a review that night. However, I just got around to finishing it a few minutes ago. (Being sick sucks.)

Anyway, here's my review. Oh, and the Godzilla trailer was awesome. :)

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Sunday, November 2

Well, here's the log of the chat with Ed Neumeier and Jon Davison, writer and producer of Starship Troopers. I actually got a question asked, which was rather surprising. It wasn't a very well thought out question, but notice they avoided a real answer:

<edneumeier> It's teenagers versus giant bugs basically...

And some time later...

<Moderator> <Brennen> to <Moderator>: How can you explain taking a book about honor, duty, and loyalty, and turning it into 'teenagers vs. giant bugs?'
<edneumeier> Who says you can't have both?

And one more depressing quote:

<jondavison> I produced STARSHIP TROOPERS and ROBOCOP and a bunch of other junk.

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