Monday, July 14
I've been getting a lot of spam (for those who might not know, junk e-mail, not the processed meat) lately, and one of my favorite newsgroups (comp.lang.basic.misc) is being flooded with posts advertising porno sites. I've decided that it's time to fight back. Following are some links to anti-spam sites. If we all work against spammers, we can make a difference.

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Internet:Policies:Abuse -
Like many of Yahoo's listings, some of the links are dead, but there's some good stuff here.

Boycott Internet spam! -
A petition which might be worth signing, and some good links.

Get that spammer! -
A number of web tools to help in tracking down spammers.

I'll move these to my links page, as soon as I get some more added. There are also some good software tools (such as Spam Hater) that I need to find links to.

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