Saturday, September 20
I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with Netscape 4. It's incredibly crash prone, especially when it encounters JavaScript or Java that worked fine on previous versions... It's beginning to feel like I'm using a Macintosh.

Speaking of Macs, I noticed the other day that there's now a Macintosh port of Lynx. It's still in Beta, but when I tried it on a computer at school, I was impressed. I have to admit I like it better than the Win32 port.

Another version of mIRC, 5.11, has been released. It mostly just fixes a few bugs in 5.1.

The second episode of Dæmonsong has been posted. It's a good ep, and I think it shows that the series will live up to the promise of the pilot.

Some new World's End Tavern stories have been posted to the Sci-Fi Channel's BBoard.

If you've been here before (yeah, right...) you might notice that the frames are resizable now. It detracts somewhat from the page's appearance on some browsers, but if you're a control freak, I suppose it appeals to you.

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