Monday, January 12
I just noticed that Mirabilis has released a Macintosh version of ICQ (as well as versions for a number of other OS's).

I downloaded Opera 3.0 yesterday. It's a web browser with some very interesting features. The biggest difference you'll notice between this and other browsers is that it uses a MDI (multi-document interface) instead of the one page per window approach. In other words, multiple pages are opened as windows inside of the main Opera window... And a lot of them. I've had as many as 20 different pages open at once, which I somehow doubt you'd be able to do with Netscape or IE.

Opera is currently only available for Win 3.x, 95, or NT, but they're apparently working on a project to port it to quite a few other operating systems. This one is definitely worth checking out. It might even be worth paying for...

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