Sunday, January 18
I got rid of the JavaScript on my contents page. While I don't really mind OnMouseOvers, it's nice to be able to see where you're going when you follow a link, and this way I can say that my pages are completely JavaScript free (for whatever that's worth).

I've been looking for a good freeware telnet client lately. Here's what I've found so far -

EasyTerm -
Simple, easy to use, and there're some nifty features. On the downside, it lacks a good set of copy & paste commands; all you can do is copy the screen. It's definitely worth the tiny 40k download. (Technically, this isn't freeware, it's CareWare... It's a great concept, and the CareWare page is worth reading.)

Tera Term Pro (zip, 740k) -
A decent interface, and there're some nice features. It allows for Japanese and Russian character sets (not that I'll ever use them, but it's nice to know they're there), it has a built in scripting language, and the copy & paste features work well. Terminals and Telnet Clients -
One heckuva lot of telnet apps.

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