Wednesday, January 21
<RANT>Why is it that school authorities always have to overreact to anything dealing with the net?

For a little bit of background, I live near a small Nebraska town, where the only way to get a net connection without paying per-minute charges is through the local high school. They offer several dialups to the community, and most students are able to use the net at least a little at school (on crippled Macs, with constant "supervision", but that's another rant...).

A lot of people who were unable to get an e-mail address signed up with Hotmail (there are a lot of free e-mail providers, but Hotmail is the most popular, for some reason). The school has since started offering e-mail accounts, but a lot of people kept their Hotmail accounts.

Recently, one of the less intelligent people I know decided that he would send some remarkably offensive mail to another student. He used Hotmail, thinking that this would provide anonymity. He then decided to send a message asking if the first e-mail had been received - Using a school account.

The result? Rather than being satisfied with punishing the individual responsible, our superintendent decided to have access to Hotmail blocked. For everyone, and without any sort of warning.

I don't use Hotmail, and I'll probably never have reason to. It just strikes me as ridiculous that a large number of people should lose access to a service they depend on because of the moronic actions of one individual. What if someone was caught in the act of searching for something "offensive" on Yahoo? Would they decide to block access to directories and search engines? Why does this sort of thing always have to snowball?</RANT>

Yes, I did take out those proxy addresses... Self censorship is worse than the standard kind, but I can take a hint, and posting them here was a (rather stupid) mistake in the first place. (Sure, rationalize it. That'll make it all better...)

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