Thursday, November 19, 19:30 CST
If you've been reading Slashdot lately, you've probably noticed that Jon Katz (formerly of HotWired) has written a few pieces for them. Katz has his flaws, but overall I like his stuff. His biggest problem is that he tends to over-analyze and generalize about his subjects, but I'm guessing time spent on Slashdot will correct that to some extent (if the "Katz is a pompous blowhard" posts don't run him off).

The late registration deadline for the December ACT test date is tomorrow at midnight. Fortunately, you can register via their site, which is far less annoying than filling out that bulky paper registration packet and mailing it in. Highly reccommended if you're taking the ACT any time soon. I should probably stop procrastinating and get it done myself...

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